About College of Arts & Sciences Accolades

The Accolades pages are dedicated to our world-class faculty and students and we congratulate them on their numerous awards received throughout the years. Accolades is published/updated once a year at the beginning of the fall semester.

The countless hours spent on research, engaged scholarship, teaching, advising, presenting, and other academic endeavors help to make the College of Arts & Sciences at the University of Memphis an outstanding academic institution.

The links to the left will direct you to pages that present CAS faculty and student award winners from the University of Memphis and the CAS. Be sure and visit the Arts & Sciences website for more information and requirements for specific awards.

These pages are archived each year and go back to 2016 with complete information (where available) on award winners.

The college also publishes an online newsletter E-Files. E-Files publishes current news and events through the semesters.