2021 CAS Career Milestone

View photos from the 2021 Career Milestone Ceremony held on November 16, 2021.

Fifty-Five Years of Service

Martha Brown, Biology

Forty-Five Years of Service

Robert Cohen, Psychology
Lewis Coons, Biology

Forty Years of Service

Fernando Burgos, World Languages and Literatures
David Dye, Earth Sciences
Hsiang Kung, Earth Sciences

Thirty-Five Years of Service

George Anastassiou, Mathematics
Pei-Kee Lin, Mathematics

Thirty Years of Service

David Dwiggins, Mathematics
Betty Wiley, Sociology

Twenty-Five Years of Service

Beverly Bond, History
Michael Compton, English
Gisele Goldstein, Mathematics
Jerome Goldstein, Mathematics
Francisco Vivar, World Languages and Literatures
Cynthia Walker, Psychology

Twenty Years of Service

Peter Brand, History
Randy Floyd, Psychology
Randall McCutcheon, Mathematics
Vladimir Nikiforov, Mathematics
Matthew Parris, Biology
Steven Schwartzbach, Biology
Stephen Stein, History
Rorie Trammel, Hooks Institute for Social Change
Holly Withers, Center for Earthquake Research & Information

Fifteen Years of Service

 Daniel Baker, Chemistry
John Chando, Chucalissa
Remy Debes, Philosophy
Santosh Kumar, Computer Science
Kendra Lambert, College of Arts and Sciences Dean's Office
Meghan McDevitt-Murphy, Psychology
James Murphy, Psychology
Andrew Olney, Institute for Intelligent Systems
Suzanne Onstine, History
Truc Chi Pham, Chemistry
Catherine Phipps, History
Kas Saghafi, Philosophy
Kathy Schultz, English
Jeffrey Scraba, English
Sharon Stanley, Political Science
Leah Windsor, Institute for Intelligent Systems

Ten Years of Service

Terry Ansbro, English
Anzhelika Antipova, Earth Sciences
Bonny Banerjee, Institute for Intelligent Systems
Cheryl Bowers, Psychology
Dale Bowman, Mathematics
Rebecca Cook, Biology
Andrew Daily, History
Elena Delavega, Social Work
Darryl Domingo, English
Scott Fleming, Computer Science
Shaun Gallagher, Philosophy
Lucien Garrett, Philosophy
Paul Mego, Political Science
Vickie Middleton, Mathematics
Philip Pavlik, Institute for Intelligent Systems
Christy Peterson, Social Work
Robin Rash, World Languages and Literatures
Courtney Santo, English
Lindsey Shelton, World Languages and Literatures
Seung-Geuk Shin, Biology
Laura Taylor, Social Work

Five Years of Service

Jessica Abernathy, College of Arts and Sciences Dean's Office
Cynthia Edwards, English
William Gibbons, School of Urban Affairs
Christopher King, Sociology
Linda Russell, Public Safety Institute