Undergraduate Advising Resources and Links

The Undergraduate Advising Center serves all students in The College of Arts & Sciences by providing the overall direction for the advising process in the College.

Students are assigned to advisors in the department of their selected major. Faculty, professional advisors, and graduate assistants serve as advisors and mentors as students select courses, fulfill requirements, and explore career possibilities.

University 'How To' Links for Students

  • Registration Quick Guide: Here is a brief guide to online class registration that starts with logging into the myMemphis portal and takes you through reviewing your class schedule.

  • UMDegree: Use UMdegree to access information regarding your current academic pursuits, including Degree Requirements, General Education Requirements, Major Requirements (with concentration if applicable) and Minor Requirements. This tool reflects all changes to a student's academic record, and is used in determining whether or not a student has successfully completed all graduation requirements.

Responsibilities of the Undergraduate Advising Center:

  • Provide overall direction for the advising process in the College of Arts and Sciences.
  • Process paperwork related to registration and transcripts for all majors in the College of Arts and Sciences.
  • Oversee the graduation process for majors in our college.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of advising within the college.

Student Advising Responsibilities: