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107 Scates Hall   |   Phone: 678.5454   |   Email: casgraduation@memphis.edu

Ashley Connolly

Ashley Connolly
Director of Advising

Cody Clinton

Cody Clinton
Pre-Health Advisor


Angelica Jacques

Angelica Jacques
Academic Services Coordinator

Carol Mahalitc

Carol Mahalitc
Academic Services Coordinator


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Advising 101

Click a question below to learn more:

How does advising work in College of Arts & Sciences?

What does it take to have a quality advising session?

How do I get Banner access?

How do I email my assigned advisees?

What is “the catalog” and where do I start?

What are general education requirements?

What are the requirements for my advisees major/minor?

My student is struggling. What campus resources are out there for my advisee?

Testing/Prior Learning Assessment

What is transfer credit?

Does this course transfer?

Can my advisee earn credit for prior learning?

Can my advisee “test out” of a world language?

Tech Tutorials

We have a new advisor, how do I assign them advisees in Banner?

My advisee says I need to clear their alternate pin?

My advisee says they need a permit?

How do I navigate Navigate?

I want to setup a campaign or advising availability in Navigate – where do I go?

Keeping students on track with UMDegree >


Requirements to Graduate >

What does my advisee need to do to apply for graduation & how do I help?


How does my advisee get credit for an internship?

How does my advisee earn graduate credit while enrolled as an undergraduate?

Can my advisee audit a class?

My advisee forgot to register for a course and it’s after regular registration, what do they do?

My student got an overload error. What do they do?

My advisee experienced extreme circumstances after the drop deadline. How do they petition for a late withdrawal?