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Rika Hudson

Rika Hudson
Director of Student Services

Cody Clinton

Cody Clinton
Director of Pre-Professional Advising


Meghan Cullen

Meghan Cullen
Pre-Health Advisor

Tracy Treadwell

Tracy Treadwell
Academic Services Coordinator I


Byron J. Hollowell

Byron J. Hollowell
Academic Services Coordinator I












Advising 101

Q:  What is a schedule adjustment?

A:  The period of late registration has closed. The college can not provide a permit to allow a student to add the class to their schedule. Students should request a help desk ticket from the Registrar’s Office to do a schedule adjustment online here: Registrar Helpdesk. Students can call the Registrar’s Office at 901.678.2810 to get help with adding the class to their schedule. Here is a link to contact information for the Registrar: Registrar’s Office Contact.

Q:  What if my student wants to withdraw or has a problem with a TN eCampus course? Who do I contact?

A:  Mary Ewart. mewart@memphis.edu. She is our liaison with TN eCampus and can get the conversation started as most of those professors are not University of Memphis professors, but professors from our partner institutions.

Q:  How do I do an Administrative Drop? What is the process?

A:  NOTE:  For administrative drops due to pre-requisite checking, the Registrar’s Office will accept a list of students. Each student’s name, U number, and the course to be dropped must be on the list.

  • Have the Schedule Adjustment Form or the list signed and dated by the authorized person in your department/college. Forms or lists received without having been signed by the “authorized signature” will NOT be processed.
  • Email or call each student who is administratively dropped and inform the student of the reason for the drop. This will be the student’s only notification. Notify the student as soon as possible to give the student time to find another class in case the drop puts the student below full-time for Financial Aid purposes.
  • Notify each student’s instructor of the student’s status.
  • If a mistake was made and the student should be re-enrolled in a course from which s/he was administratively dropped, complete a Schedule Adjustment Form to add the class back. The form must be signed by the “authorized signature” and the student. Without the student’s signature, to verify that the student is aware the course is being put back on his/her schedule, the form will NOT be processed.

Q: Is there a CLEP test for English 2201?

A: Either the CLEP test for American Literature or English Literature will count for Gen Ed Lit for a non-English major (because ENGL majors must take ENGL 2201/2 or an equivalent course as part of the lower division requirements for the major).

Q: My advisee experienced extreme circumstances after the drop deadline. How do they petition for a late withdrawal?

A: The completed CAS Late Withdrawal Petition and documentation for CAS majors should be sent to the CAS Dean’s Office Director of Student Services.

Term Codes

These are numerical terms. Always put the year first and then the term, e.g., 202280 is Fall 2022.

  • 10 – Spring
  • 50 – Summer
  • 80 – Fall

Timeline for Late Withdrawals

  • Regular Withdrawal – By the posted deadline on the Registrar Semester Dates and Deadlines Calendars website. Student can withdraw from the class without the help of the advisor. 

  • Late Withdrawal – One major term (fall or spring), approved by the Dean’s office. Requires the CAS Late Withdrawal Petition.

  • Retro Late Withdrawal -  Retroactive withdrawals occur more than one major term (fall or spring) after the term for which the withdrawal is requested and are approved by the Registrar’s Office

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