Are You Ready for Your Advising Appointment?

When you meet with your advisor each semester to prepare for the next semester’s courses, you need to be prepared so that your meeting will go well. (Find My Advisor)

  • Schedule an appointment well in advance of your registration time.

  • Read the Undergraduate Catalog sections on your degree and your major requirements as well as the General Education requirements. 

  • Look over any materials your advisor has given you previously regarding your major and degree, and bring them with you to every appointment.

  • Check your transcript in My Memphis so that you are prepared to ask about anything that is unclear to you.

  • How to Print a Degree Planner from the catalogPrint out a Degree Planner from the Undergraduate Catalog and keep a record of the courses you have completed.
    - In the upper right hand corner dropdown menu, choose the current year undergraduate catalog
    - On the far left hand side, under Colleges and Departments, choose College of Arts and Sciences
    - Choose your program of interest
    - There are small icons in the far right corner. The first icon is the Degree Planner. Print this for your meeting and your records.

  • Come prepared with a list of questions and any concerns that you would like to discuss.

  • Take a list of other concerns such as problems affecting your academic performance or career considerations. Your advisor can supply you with contact information for sources of help on campus, for example, tutoring or personal or career counseling. Having a list of concerns will ensure that you do not forget to discuss them.

  • Bring a pen or pencil and a printed copy of the Registration Worksheet located on the Advising website to record courses that you and your advisor discuss.

  • If possible, have a rough schedule worked out with the courses you think will fulfill your requirements

  • Ask your advisor for alternate courses that you can take in the event some courses are closed or do not fit your schedule.

  • Inform your advisor of any changes in your plans since the last time you met- for example, if you have decided to add a minor or a second major, or if you are planning to go to graduate school or to professional school after graduation.

  • Thank your advisor for spending time with you. Your advisor is available to assist you with your college career, but ultimately it is your responsibility to make appropriate academic choices. Being prepared for each advising