Part IV. Approvals

  • Implementation of these guidelines is subject to a simple majority approval of all tenured associate and full professors within the College of Arts and Sciences. The guidelines shall become effective upon final approval by the Dean and the Provost.
  • Proposed amendments to this document may be submitted to the Dean no later than the last Monday in February of each year.
    1. Proposed amendments must be introduced by tenured associate and full professors, and must be approved by the Tenure and Promotion Committee of the department of the person presenting the amendment. Amendments may also be introduced by the Dean and the College Tenure and Promotion Committee.
    2. All proposed amendments shall be forwarded to the Office of the Dean. The Dean shall forward proposed amendments to the College Tenure & Promotion Committee for discussion and review during the spring term in which the amendment is proposed.
    3. The College Tenure and Promotion Committee shall make a recommendation with written rationale, to the Dean and faculty members of the College within four (4) weeks from the time the amendment was received by the Committee.
    4. A faculty vote no later than the second Friday in April following the amendment's introduction will be conducted by the Office of the Dean.
    5. Any amendment must be approved by both a simple majority vote of all departments, with each department having a single vote, and a simple majority vote of all tenured Associate and Full Professors.

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Part IV. Approvals
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