Part I: Tenure and Promotion Guidelines

I. The Dossier for Tenure and Promotion.

Each faculty member is expected to have a commitment to and competence in the areas of teaching, scholarship, and service. In a university community, these are communal responsibilities. Variations, however, will occur between departments and even among faculty members within individual departments. This variability can be found no more prominently than in the College of Arts and Sciences, and indeed it is one of the strengths of the College.

Additionally, teaching, scholarship and service are interrelated, and some activities may span more than one area. The College guidelines are designed to recognize these factors when considering individuals for tenure and promotion to Associate and Full Professor.

Promotion from Assistant to Associate Professor will accompany the awarding of tenure unless that rank has already been attained. In the case of tenure and promotion to Associate Professor, the individual must clearly demonstrate a history of significant achievement as a professional educator and scholar, as well as a strong potential for future professional growth and development.

Individuals considered for promotion from Associate to Full Professor should clearly be leading scholars and educators whose national or international stature can serve as a standard for professional achievement.

  1. The candidate's dossier must conform to the University format.
  2. Any additional college-specific requirements will be forwarded to departments and candidates in the spring semester of each year.

Submission Guidelines for Tenure and Promotion (updated Mar 2022)