Tenure and Promotion Calendar

(Updated March 31, 2023)

April 1 

Deadline for candidates to declare intent to file for tenure and/or promotion to department/college 

May 1 

List of external reviewers due to department/college 

Sept. 1 

Deans submit a list of all faculty applying for tenure and/or promotion to the Provost’s Office. Email list to provost@memphis.edu

Sept. 1 

Candidate dossier materials due to individual departments via OneDrive.  


(Unless superseded by department guidelines.)   

Sept. 30 

Department Heads and Committees submit recommendations to College Committee 

Oct. 22 

College/School Committees submit recommendations to the Dean 

Dec. 1 

Required documents from the candidates’ dossiers and recommendations of Department Chairs, Department Committees, College Committees, and Deans submitted to the Provost via OneDrive 

Feb. 1 

Candidates notified of the Provost’s recommendation 

Provost recommendations forwarded to the President for review 

March 1 

Candidates receiving a negative recommendation from the Provost must contact the Chair of the Appeals Committee if they intend to appeal the recommendation 

April 1 

Recommendations by the Appeals Committee are forwarded to the President for review. 

  • The Board of Trustees will be notified of the President’s recommendations of the candidates for tenure and/or promotion prior to the June board meeting. 
  • The Board of Trustees will review and vote on the recommendations at its June meeting. 
  • Upon notification of the Board’s approval, the President will notify the candidates of the decision. 

Sept. 1 

Effective date of tenure and/or promotion of approved candidates 

Part I. The Dossier for Tenure and Promotion
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Tenure and Promotion Calendar