CTL Reports for IMBA Degree 2016-17

[Program Discontinued: AY 2019-20]

The most recent AoL assessment/CTL cycle for the IMBA Degree was completed in Spring 2017 using assessment data collected in AY 2015-16 and the Fall semester of 2016.


Below are the members of the 2016-17 MBA CTL Committee:

  • Robin Poston (MIS/BIT) - chair
  • Carol Danehower (MGMT)
  • Leonard Jackson (Hospitality MGMT)
  • Quentin Chu (FIR)
  • Balaji Krishnan (MKTG)
  • Ernie Nichols (MKTG/SCMS)
  • Lloyd Brooks (Dean's Office, Ex Officio)

(page updated:  5/8/2020)