MBA Degree Learning Outcomes

(updated: Fall 2019)

Graduates of the Fogelman MBA Program will be:

(1) Confident Leaders and illustrate this by:

  • Working effectively in a team-centric (less hierarchical) business environment.
  • Communicating effectively to stakeholders in multiple formats (written, oral, presentation).
  • Initiating leadership behavior independent of hierarchy in the organization.

(2) Critical Thinkers and Problem Solvers and illustrate this by:

  • Recognizing and framing business problems in a variety of contexts.
  • Developing and implementing flexible solutions to identified business problems.
  • Possessing proficiency with contemporary technology tools used to conduct research, gather/analyze data, and communicate solutions.

(3) Skilled in the core processes of modern organizations and illustrate this by:

  • Presenting multi-disciplinary business knowledge and skills.

(4) Knowledgeable of social, ethical, and cultural issues and trends in society and illustrate this by:

  • Recognizing how social, ethical, and cultural issues affect organizations, organizational structures, and internal systems.
  • Effectively integrating social and ethical issues into organizational strategies in an increasingly diverse and culturally complex business environment. 

Previous Learning Goals (used prior to 2020):  


Curriculum Map (MBA)


(page updated 10/26/2020)