MBA Assessment Results for 2019-20

The most recent MBA Degree AoL cycle was completed in the Spring of 2020.  Data was collected for this cycle was collected over several semesters from Fall 2017 thru Spring 2019.  The MBA CTL committee met during the the Spring semester of 2020 and published the following summary results:


Below are the members of the 2019-20 MBA CTL Committee:

  • James Lukawitz (ACCT)
  • Brian Janz (BIT)
  • Jeff Black (FIR)
  • Albert Okunade (ECON)
  • Ron Spahr (FIR)
  • Kristen Jones (MGMT)
  • Ernie Nichols (MKTG/SCMS)
  • Carmen Astorne-Figari (MBA Program Director, Ex Officio)
  • Sandy Schaeffer (Dean's Office, Ex Officio)
  • Chuck Pierce (Dean's Office, Ex Officio)


(page updated:  5/8/2020)