MBA Assessment Highlights

The Professional MBA program in the Fogelman College is designed for full-time professionals who are interested in taking classes part-time to accommodate their busy schedules (although students may enroll on a full-time basis). Class scheduling is optimized for working schedules and includes a mixture of classroom-based evening sections and online sections. At least one year of full-time work experience is desired prior to admission.

Students may obtain a general MBA degree, or a specialized MBA degree by completing a concentration. Both options require completing 30 hours of Core Knowledge and Skills. Students who wish to complete a concentration must take 12 hours of coursework beyond the 30 hour Core, for a total of 42 credit hours, following the specifications of each concentration. Students who do not desire a concentration must take two 3 hour electives beyond the Core, for a total of 36 credit hours.

Assessment Notes (MBA):

  • From an Assurance-of-Learning perspective the professional MBA degree program is considered a "high volume" degree with a large number of students and sections to use for collecting assessment data.  
  • Students enrolled in other graduate-level programs (MSIS, MSBA, etc.) may also be enrolled in MBA sections selected for assessment.  To control for this, collected assessment data is filtered to exclude any non-MBA students.