EMBA Degree Learning Outcomes

(updated: Fall 2019)

Graduates of the Fogelman EMBA Program will be:

(1) Effective Leaders and illustrate this by:

  • Expanding team performance through targeted learning and development opportunities.
  • Inspiring teams to achieve demanding goals.
  • Developing collaborative team behavior in complex business contexts.

(2) Excellent Communicators and illustrate this by:

  • Delivering oral and written communication that is clear, concise, organized, and informative to multiple audiences..
  • Effectively using contemporary communication technologies.

(3) Critical Thinkers and Problem Solvers and illustrate this by:

  • Identifying and implementing effective strategies for solving complex business problems.
  • Effectively adapting to, and managing in, an environment of continually evolving technologies.
  • Being skilled in the use of contemporary data analysis technologies to solve business challenges and communicate with stakeholders.

(4) Skilled at leveraging social, ethical, and multi-cultural issues in a global business environment and illustrate these skills by:

  • Synthesizing and analyzing the implications of globalization for various functional areas across an organization.
  • Applying ethical decision frameworks to effectively address business problems.

 Previous Learning Goals (used prior to 2020):

(page updated 12/4/2019)