Graduate Advising


Upon admission to your chosen program of study, you will be assigned a faculty advisor to assist you in progressing through the program. You should make an advising appointment directly with your assigned advisor each semester. To assure that you make satisfactory progress toward your degree goals, please adhere to the following guidelines.

  • Accept responsibility for academic choices.
  • Know basic university, college, and departmental graduation requirements for your chosen major and concentration well enough to plan your own progress toward degree completion.
  • Keep current on academic policies, procedures, and requirements by reviewing the current Graduate Bulletin, Schedule of Classes, and degree plans.
  • Maintain personal copies of your tentative degree plan, progress reports, and transfer credit evaluations. Keep these forms current by identifying the anticipated year and semester to take each course and earned grades for each course completed. Take these materials to each advising conference.

Please click here for graduate admission information.