U.S. News & World Report ranks the UofM in the Top 10 universities with successful internship programs. Undergraduate students in the College of Health Science are required to complete an internship as a part of their degree program. The internship is designed as a culminating experience that provides intensive hands-on work experience where you are expected to take on a comprehensive professional role. The internship program ranges from three to 12 credit hours, depending on the concentration requirements.

Students seeking assistance with the internship program may contact Internship Coordinator Stephanie Chester, or Mary Catherine Schallert for Dietetics.


Deadlines for students completing an internship during the 2024 SUMMER or FALL semesters.

  • Attend internship info session: Feb. 9
  • Internship application due: March 15
  • Registration begins: April 1
  • Site acceptance form (part two due): April 26*
  • Last day to apply to graduate: April 3
  • First day of internship: May 28
  • Attend internship info session: Feb. 23
  • Internship application due: March 15
  • Registration begins: April 1
  • Site acceptance form (part two due): April 26*
  • Last day to apply to graduate: July 3
  • First day of internship: Aug. 26

 *Students unable to secure a site by April 26 will require late approval by the internship coordinator. Exceptions apply to those who are in the process of interviewing and have communicated directly with the internship coordinator prior to the April 26 deadline.

Internship Process

Your internship is an immersive experience within the field of your concentration. You will gain valuable professional experience, and increase the potential of securing full-time employment after graduation. You complete your internship during the final semester of coursework. All other coursework must be completed before applying for an internship.

Internships consist of 240 hours and must be completed within a single semester. Exemptions apply to Healthcare Leadership students qualifying for Experiential Learning Credit and students pursing a concentration in Dietetics. Please contact Mary Catherine Schallert for further questions regarding the Dietetics internship.

Your internship experience must be separate from current employment roles and responsibilities.

You are required to find and secure your own internship site. For assistant finding a site, please contact Internship Coordinator Stephanie Chester.

  1. Create or update your resume using our recommended resume template.
  2. Apply to graduate.
  3. Find and secure an internship site.

What to look for when choosing a site:

  • Aligns with your professional interests
  • Offers post-graduate career opportunities
  • Provides hands-on experience supporting requirements for post-graduate education
  • Exposes you to new roles and responsibilities beyond your current employment
  • Supports 240 hours of hands-on experience
  • Offers networking opportunities
  • Provides a professional environment conducive to growth and learning

What to avoid:

  • Current place of employment
  • Limited to shadowing only
  • Limited availability

Students from the College of Health Sciences have completed internships at a variety of companies and organizations throughout Memphis, Nashville and Jackson, Tenn.  In addition to our local area, we strongly encourage you to venture out and explore opportunities at sites across the country.

Previous Internship Partner Sites

Baptist Memorial Health Care Regional One Health Medical Center
Campbell Clinic Orthopaedics Shelby County Health Department
Church Health St. Jude Children's Hospital - Human Performance Lab
Iron Tribe UTHSC/ LeBonheur Children's Hospital
Memphis Physical Therapy West Cancer Center
Memphis Tigers Athletics West Cancer Foundation
Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare YMCA of Memphis and the Mid-South
Orange Theory Fitness ...and many more!

Complete the Internship Application

The internship application is a two-part process:

1. Initial submission (part 1)

  • Student information
  • Post-graduation plans
  • Current resume
  • Goals for internship

2. Site submission (part 2)

  • Site point of contact
  • Site contact information (phone number, email, address)
  • Anticipated roles and responsibilities

Approval Process

After submitting part one of the internship application, you will receive an email with a link to the form to submit your site information. Both the site and the college must approve the internship and expectations before final approval.

Final Approval

Once the site and college approve, you will receive an email confirmation and the course permit may be issued.

Things to Remember

Your internship hours must be completed during the semester. (e.g. Fall 2023: Aug. 28-Dec. 8; Spring 2024: Jan. 16-May 2)

When you reach out to prospective sites, have your resume ready, explain that you need to acquire 240 hours of hands-on experience and ask if they have something that will align with your interests. Many sites require orientation and additional paperwork, so allow enough time to complete everything required before your internship begins.

If you have any questions or need help with anything, please feel free to reach out your internship coordinator, Stephanie Chester.

The internship experience may vary by site. Please review the internship handbook for resources to assist with expectations, FAQ and site requirements.

Sample resume
Internship application
Site acceptance form (part two—to be completed only AFTER your application is approved.)
Liabilty insurance (Students needing to purchase insurance, use code STUDENT)

University Supervisors

Dietetics - Mary Catherine Schallert
Exercise, Sport & Movement Sciences - Stephanie Chester
Healthcare Leadership - Gregory Hughes
Health Sciences - Anna Moore or Cheri Kilmurray
Physical Education Teacher Education - Todd Layne

Stephanie Chester

For more info:
Stephanie Chester
Internship Coordinator
snnchols@memphis.edu | 901.678.3477