Undergraduate Advising


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make an advising appointment?

Make an appointment with your advisor via NAVIGATE or use Navigate Student mobile app. You can specify in-person, phone or Zoom advising. If you are unable to make an appointment, call the College of Health Sciences main office at 901.678.4316.

Who is my advisor?

For all College of Health Sciences majors >

Last names starting with:
A-G: Moriah Brown
H-M + Lambuth: Carol Mahalitc
N-Z: Angela Johnson

I am new to the College of Health Sciences? How do I declare my major in health studies or physical education teacher education?

Complete our online Declaration of Major form.

How do I prepare for advising?

When do I register for classes?

Check out our Academic Calendar for dates and deadlines.

Why does prerequisite/test score error show up when I try to register?

This means you may not have the required prerequisites. If you do have the prerequisites, it could be because they were taken in the prior term or you transferred in and they haven’t been counted yet. In this case, check in your UMdegree worksheet and if your prerequisites are there, enter a permit for them.

What is an 'Alternate PIN Error'?

All students are required to meet with an advisor before the start of each semester. Your PIN is cleared during your advising appointment. If you have NOT been advised for the upcoming term you may receive this error message. If you have been advised and still received this message, please contact your advisor.

What is considered an elective course? What is an upper division elective?

An elective is any course that is not required for your major core or concentration (see your Degree Sheet). An upper division elective is any 3000 or 4000 level course. HLSC students need 40 credit hours of electives, of which 15 credit hours of upper division are needed for your degree. The remaining can be lower division or any course of interest. (e.g. Sociology-SOCI 3831, Psychology-PSYC 3306, HLSC 3500, ESMS 4509, etc.)

What are the requirements for physical therapy/occupational therapy school?

Please make an appointment with the pre-health advisor, Cody Clinton at 901.678.5454.

Why can’t I register for this class? It shows that there is one seat open, but it won’t let me register for the class.

This commonly occurs when a class is cross-listed with another graduate level course and the seat is reserved for graduate students and vice versa.

Why don’t I see my class in eCourseware?

Two reasons that your class isn’t showing up:

  1. Course starts second session OR
  2. You are in RODP- Regents Online Degree Program
    1. Access your myMemphis portal and use the Student tab to complete registration functions.
    2. TN eCampus courses can be identified by sections R01, R25, and R50. Ex. BIOL 2010-R01. Please contact Mary Crites for RODP questions or concerns.
    3. Technical Issue: If you are on roster and enrolled in class, then you will need to contact IT Help Desk at (678.8888) for assistance.

All of the classes that I was advised to take are full. What do I do?

  1. Sometimes you need to wait until the Fee Payment deadline. That is the day all students are dropped from their courses for non-payment.
  2. For certain classes, we may be able to enter a closed class permit, if the instructor gives you permission and this is approved in our school. (Instructor permission alone does not guarantee that you will be added to the class.)
  3. Fill out our CHS Waitlist Form to be added to the waitlist for CHS classes.
  4. If the class is in another department, you will need to contact that department directly.
  5. Email your advisor for alternate classes, and check MyMemphis every day to see if anyone has dropped the class that you need.

How do I add myself, once permitted into a CLOSED Class?

You MUST go to your MyMemphis portal and click the add/drop link and enter the CRN (5-digit course #) in one of the boxes at the bottom of the page and click submit.

I’m in one closed section course, but want to switch into a different closed section course, is this possible?

No, we do not permit switching into closed sections. Please contact our main office for possible waitlist options.

Will 'Course ----' be offered this summer/next fall/etc.?

Courses Offered by Semester are listed on each program page. These lists are not a guarantee, but it is our best guide. (ESMS/NUTR classes follow relatively the same schedule each fall/spring. HLSC/HCL are more subject to change.)

What classes can I test out of with Credit by Exam?

All majors/concentrations within the College of Health Sciences have Credit by Exam options. Please contact us at healthsciences@memphis.edu for details or more information. There are also options to test out of general education courses through the College Level Exam Program (CLEP) and DANTES Subject Standardized Test (DSST).

If I take a course for my major at another college will it transfer?

The University provides a transfer equivalency chart with a variety of courses that transfer to the UofM. If your course is not listed, please contact your advisor and provide your course syllabus/description to determine transfer approval.

Did you receive my transcript?

Follow up with the Office of Admissions at 678.2111. It usually takes 7-15 business days  for the request to be received and processed. Also, follow up with the school you are sending your transcripts from to ensure they’ve been sent. It’s good to find one contact person to follow up with.

What do I do if I need to withdraw after the drop deadline?

After the drop deadline for a semester, students whose reasons for withdrawal meet the guidelines for extreme circumstances must submit a Withdrawal Petition to the college or school of their major with the information requested from each instructor and with appropriate written documentation. Petitions to withdraw from courses that ended more than one regular (Fall or Spring) semester after the semester for which the withdrawal is requested must be submitted to the Registrar’s Office (located in Wilder Tower 003) or by email to darkeel@memphis.edu. See more information about Late and Retroactive Withdrawals.