Accelerated Bachelor's to Master's Program (ABM)


ABM Student Steps

  1. Consult with faculty member or advisor expressing interest in the ABM program.

  2. Print out Combination Senior Application and ABM Program contract (see below from your program) and meet with the coordinator of recruitment (FH 158) to verify eligibility.

  3. Meet with the director of academic programs to discuss the program in detail and acquire written approval. (You must have signatures from program coordinators and director of student services before meeting with the director of academic programs.)

  4. Submit Combination Senior Application and ABM program contract application, transcripts and faculty recommendation to the director of academic programs (FH 106). The director then signs off and sends all documents to the Graduate School.

  5. Fill out an ABM Request Form for approval by the college for the graduate courses that will be used to fulfill undergraduate degree.

  6. After admittance, register for the designated graduate level (6000 or 7000) courses.

  7. Before graduating, submit UofM Graduate School application.


ABM Requirements 

ABM Contracts