If you are searching for a job outside of the Memphis area, we can make a written request on your behalf to obtain access to the career services of another law school. Third-year students and alumni may contact us to arrange for reciprocity with other law schools.

Reciprocity Services

Services vary among the law schools that offer reciprocity. These services may include access to:

  • The host law school's career services facilities.
  • Legal publications, directories, handouts, and resource library.
  • Job listings (typically on-site only, and not online)
  • Typically, the following services are not available through reciprocity:
    • Participation in recruitment programs
    • Advising appointments
    • Resume review services

The duration of reciprocity services also varies from school to school, and, when granted, services are usually available for a limited time or limited number of visits. Many schools have additional restrictions on who may use resources (i.e. only recent graduates), so be sure to check the appropriate school's reciprocity policy.

In addition, most law schools have a "blackout" period, a time during which no reciprocity requests are granted and during which reciprocity is unavailable. This time period usually occurs from mid to late summer until late fall, during which time law schools are preparing for and conducting their on-campus recruitment programs.

All law career services offices reserve the right to refuse services to any individual school or to any person who misuses or abuses the staff, facilities and/or resources of the host school. A law school may also suspend reciprocity access to one particular school if that school's requests become substantially disproportionate.

Memphis Law Students/Alumni Seeking Reciprocity With Another Law School

It is important to understand that every law school has its own reciprocity requirements. Links to reciprocity policies of most law schools are posted on the National Association for Law Placement (NALP) website. Please refer to this site when deciding which law school to utilize for assistance in your job search.

You must send an email to lawcareerservices@memphis.edu to request reciprocity from another law school. Please include in the email your full name, graduation month/year, and the Career Services contact name and email address at the school from which you are requesting reciprocity.

Then we will send a letter via email requesting reciprocity to the law school from which you are seeking reciprocity. You must then await a response from the school whose services are requested before contacting the school.

In larger metropolitan areas, reciprocity may be requested at only one area law school. This applies to New York, New Jersey, Washington, DC, Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.

Non-Memphis Law Students/Alumni Seeking Reciprocity with Memphis Law

Please note the following procedures and conditions relating to students/alumni from other law schools seeking reciprocity at Memphis Law:

  • Reciprocity is suspended during the late summer and early fall months (August 1-November 30) because of on-campus recruiting programs.
  • Requests for reciprocity must be made by a career services official, in writing or by email, to lawcareerservices@memphis.edu. The CSO will send a response to the requesting school and copy the student or alumnus. The student/alumnus must bring a copy of the letter when coming to our office.
  • Reciprocal services are generally available for a period of three months from the date they were granted. Services are available during regular business hours – Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m.–5:00 p.m.
  • Resources available through reciprocity include access to attorney job binders and the CSO library. The CSO is not able to extend advising services, online job-postings or law clerk postings.