New Part-time Faculty Resources

Welcome to the Rudi E. Scheidt School of Music!

This webpage was created for new, part-time faculty members. You will find links and information pertinent to your first few months on campus, as well as links to familiarize you with the policies and services available at the University of Memphis. In addition to this page, two of your biggest resources will be the School of Music Faculty & Staff Handbook and the University's Faculty Resources website.

Part-time Faculty may use the checklist below as a guide to ensure a successful teaching experience for you and your students. Not every item will be applicable to your specific teaching workload, however items are listed in a recommended sequential order.

Table of Contents 

  1. Getting Started 
  2. Preparing for the Semester 
  3. During the Semester
  4. Frequently Asked Questions 

Getting Started

STEP 1. Complete a WorkforUM application.

  • Once the WorkforUM application is submitted, notify the School of Music Business Officer, music_finance@mempis.edu. Once this is done Faculty Administrative Services (FAS) can begin the hiring process.
  • Please note, an unofficial transcript of your highest degree must accompany the hiring packet. If the transcript is from the University of Memphis, FAS will accept a transcript printed directly from our system or a transcript "For Administrative Purposes only" from the Registrar's office. The University of Memphis must receive an official transcript for all part-time faculty in a sealed envelope by the end of the first (1st) teaching semester. If an official transcript is not received, no future teaching appointments will be offered.

STEP 2. A background check will be initiated by Faculty Administrative Services and you will receive an email from Data Facts, Inc. to run the background check.

STEP 3. Once the background check is complete, Faculty Administrative Services will load your information into the University's Banner System and create a University ID number (UID) and UofM email address. A letter with this information will be emailed to you.

STEP 4. Upon receipt of the letter from Faculty Administrative Services, the Business Officer will create an e-contract(s) for the course(s) you will be teaching.

STEP 5. You will receive an email stating there is an e-contract awaiting your approval. These contracts will be sent to the UofM email address only and cannot be sent to any personal email accounts. The link in the email will take you to the e-contract to accept. The e-contract will include total payment amount, bi-weekly payment amount, and number of applied students being taught (if applicable).

STEP 6. Once you have signed the e-contract, you will need to submit the following three forms before the first day of classes.

Preparing for the Semester

  • Obtain your UofM Campus Card
    A campus card provides access to the School of Music facilities. Information on campus card processing can be found on the Campus Card page.

  • Register your vehicle; obtain a parking pass
    For visitor parking, the campus has a few parking garages and meter parking spaces. For general parking permits and a campus map, that information can be found on the Parking and Transportation Services page.

  • Complete the FERPA Turtorial
    The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Acts requires that you complete the following online tutorial. You are only required to complete this training once throughout your employment with the University of Memphis. Completing this tutorial allows access to the Banner Student Information center and to view your class roster. Please find the tutorial and additional information here.

  • Communicate with your Area Coordinator
    Every area in the School of Music is coordinated by a faculty member. A list of the current area coordinators can be found in 1.6a of the Faculty & Staff handbook (F&S handbook). Area Coordinators will be able to help provide information on the textbooks used for your class, dates of juries/final exams, location of your classroom, and access to a class roster if your information has not been uploaded into Banner yet by Faculty Administrative Services.

  • Create your course syllabus
    The syllabus is the contracted agreement between teacher and student that outlines contact information, course outcomes, expectations, resources, and an outlined schedule for homework and exams/juries. The School of Music provides a syllabus template in 3.2 of the F&S Handbook that should be followed. The Area Coordinator will need to approve all course syllabi before being sent to the class.
    • Juries - Every student taking applied lessons is required to perform an end-of-the-semester jury as a final exam. Information on juries should be listed in course syllabus. More information can be found in 3.9 of the F&S Handbook.

  • Visit your classroom and/or office
    Your Area Coordinator will be able to tell you where you will be teaching or working. To access your classroom and/or office contact the School of Music Facilities Manager, music_facilities@memphis.edu.

  • Reserve a teaching or rehearsal space
    The process for reserving a room to teach or rehearse can be found in 6.1 of the F&S Handbook.

  • Request smart classroom training
    All School of Music classrooms have multimedia capabilities. To schedule an orientation on smart classroom features submit a Helpdesk service request. For more Information on how to submit a request and other information technology services, see UMTech page.

  • If teaching online, become familiar with Canvas
    Canvas is the learning management system utilized at the University of Memphis.The system can be used for creating, hosting, and editing online learning resources. Training tutorials and support can be found on the Canvas website.

  • View your Class Roster in Banner
    Log into Banner and review your class roster. If you are not able to see your class rosters in Banner notify the School of Music Business Officer, music_finance@memphis.edu. Part-time e-contracts can sometimes be delayed by Faculty Administrative Services. In the meantime, you can receive your class roster and student contact information in the following ways:
    • Part-time faculty teaching applied lessons can receive contact information for applied students from the Area Coordinator.
    • Part-time faculty teaching a traditional course can receive a class roster by contacting the Scheduling Coordinator at scheduling_music@memphis.edu.

  • Email your students
    At least one week before the semester all faculty should contact the students in their courses with a welcome email and the syllabus. Faculty should always use their UofM email when communicating with students as this is the primary means of communication for the University.

  • Applied Instructors should create a teaching schedule for the semester
    Part-time faculty who teach applied lessons are free to create their own teaching schedule guided by the students' availability and an available room assignment from the Scheduling Coordinator. Student lesson times should remain consistent from week to week. Most applied students will take weekly 60 minutes lessons. Music minors and non-majors may take 30 minute lessons weekly. More information will be provided by the Area Coordinator.

During the Semester

  • Peer Evaluation of Teaching
    All faculty in the School of Music receive an annual peer evaluation of their teaching. Part-time faculty should be evaluated for each type of course they teach. PT faculty that teach both fall and spring only need to be evaluated once during the academic year. Your Area Coordinator will contact you during the semester to arrange a mutually convenient time to observe your class. Once the evaluation is completed, the form will be emailed to the part-time faculty member and a copy will be kept on file in the School of Music Main Office.

  • Juries, Final Examinations, and Student Recitals
    Part-time faculty should be present for juries, final exams, and degree recitals. The Area Coordinator can provide more information on how these topics relate to your teaching area. More information can be found in 3.9 of the F&S Handbook.

  • Know your Area's policy on midterm grades and final grades submissions
    Your Area Coordinator can let you know if a midterm grade is necessary. All faculty are required to submit final grades into Banner. The Registrar Office will send you emails (to your UofM email address) notifying you of grade submission deadlines. The process for submitting grades can be found on the Registrar's Grading website.


When and how will I receive my first paycheck? For fall semester, you will be paid bi-weekly starting in September and will receive a total of 6 paychecks. For spring semester, you will be paid bi-weekly starting in February and will receive a total of 6 paychecks. Before your very first paycheck, you will receive an email with your paystub. It will tell you if the first paycheck is a physical check that has to be picked up in the Payroll office, otherwise, it will be submitted to your bank via direct deposit.
Do I have to fill out all this paperwork every time I agree to teach? Once you have submitted the I-9, W-4 and direct deposit, you do not have to resubmit each semester. So long as there is not a break in service of more than 2 years, you can be issued a new e-contract each subsequent semester after your initial hiring.
Who do I contact with questions?