Placement and Special Exams

For information on language placement exams as well as other placement and preparation programs, explore the topics below.


Students admitted to the University of Memphis as beginning freshmen will be placed in appropriate English courses based on ACT/SAT subscores that are less than 5 years old. If students feel they have been misplaced by their ACT subscores in English and reading, they may take the ACCUPLACER test to attempt to place in a higher level course. ACCUPLACER testing is required of students without ACT or SAT scores, students whose ACT/SAT scores are more than 5 years old, transfer students with no college level credit in English, and non-degree seeking students before enrollment in English. 

Intensive English for Internationals Courses

The English for Internationals Program offers non-credit courses in English language instruction for non-English Speakers, including a course for advanced students which prepares them to take the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) exam.

For information on the program, including registration information, visit the Intensive English for Internationals website.

Language Placement Exams

All students should take a placement exam before enrolling for the first time in a foreign language course at the University of Memphis.

For information on Language Placement exams, contact the Department of World Languages and Literatures.

Testing Center

The U of M Testing Center administers or offers registration for a variety of admissions, credit, or placement exams: CLEP (credit by examination), DANTES, MAT, GRE, Law School Admissions, and Senior Testing (General Education Testing) are just a few of the exams offered.

For information on the Testing Center, exams offered, and exam registration and dates, please visit the Testing Center Website.