2014 Faculty Publications

George Anastassiou, Dept. of Mathematics
"Intelligent Systems Reference Library"

Keri Vacanti Brondo
"Land Grab"

Pleshette DeArmitt, Dept. of Philosophy
"The Right to Narcissism"

Darryl Domingo, Dept. of English
"Broadview Anthology of Restoration and Eighteenth-Century Comedy"

Rangy G. Floyd, , Dept. of Psychology
"Assessing Intelligence in Children and Adolescents"

Donald Francessheti, Dept. of Physics
"Careers in Physics"

E. George, Dept. of Mathematics
"Analysis Mixed Data"

Arthur C. Graesser, Dept. of Psychology
"Where Humans Meet Machines"

Eric Groenendyk, Dept. of Political Science
" Competing Motives in the Partisan Mind"

David Grynkiewicz, Dept. of Mathematics
"Structural Additive Theory"

Heather R. Hall, Linda A. Roussel, Dept. of Social Work
"Evidence Based Practice"

Cary Holladay, Dept. of English
"The Deer in the Mirror"

Cary Holladay, Dept. of English
"Horse People"

Matthias Kaelberer, Dept. of Political Science
"Single Currency and European Citizenship"

Dennis Laumann, Dept. of History
"Colonial Africa 1884-1994"

Harvey Lomax, Dept. of Political Science
"Political Philosophy Cross Examined"

Scott P. Marler, Dept. of History
"The Merchants' Capital: New Orleans and the Political Economy of the Nineteenth-Century South"

Catherine Martin, Dept. of English
"French Connections in the English Renaissance"

Courtney Miller-Santo, Dept. of English
"Three Story House"

Cristina Maria Cervone, Dept. of English
"Poetics of the Incarnation"

Verner Mitchell, Dept. of English
"Zora Neale Hurston: An Annotated Bibliography of Works and Criticism"

Philip Pavlik, Dept. of Psychology
"Encyclopedia of the Mind: Spacing Effect "

Daniel Reisberg, Dept. of Psychology
"Oxford Handbook on Cognitive Psychology"

Kent Schull, Dept. of History
"Prisons in the Late Ottoman Empire: Microcosms of Modernity"

Kathy Lou Schultz, Dept. of English
"Afro Modernist Epic and Literary History"

Sajjan Shiva, Dept. of Computer Science
"Computer Organization, Design, and Architecture"

Lan Wang, Dept. of Computer Science
"Solutions for Sustaining Scalability in Internet Growth"