2014 CAS Travel Enrichment Funds

In the spring of 2004, Mr. Philip Donovan initiated The Donovan Travel Enrichment Fund for student and faculty travel. The fund helps support faculty and students who are traveling to research centers, and to conferences.

With additional financial support from numerous sponsors, this award has been renamed the College of Arts & Sciences Travel Enrichment Fund. Each year's recipients will be brought together at an annual luncheon with the sponsors to report on what they learned during their travels.

Spring 2014

Andrew Daily, History - Conference, New York

Remy Debes, Philosophy - Conference, San Diego, CA

William Duffy, English - Conference, Chicago, IL

Dan Larsen, Earth Sciences - Research, Death Valley, CA

Edwin Webster, Chemistry - Conference, Dallas, TX

Ruth Baumann, MFA, English - Conference, Seattle, WA

Aaron Brown, PhD, Chemistry - Conference, Chicago, IL

Ryan Farmer, PhD, Psychology - Conference, Washington, DC

Stephen Ferguson, PhD, Biological Sciences - Research, Venus, FL

Scott Hadley, PhD, Earth Sciences - Research, Tiptonville, TN

Christina Henson, PhD, Chemistry - Conference, Chicago, IL

Justin Paul, MS, Earth Sciences - Conference, Blacksburg, VA

Robyn Snow, Junior, Chemistry - Conference, Chicago, IL

Marshall Taylor, MA, Sociology - Conference, Charlotte, NC

Summer 2014

Verena Erlenbusch, Philosophy - Conference, Prague, Czech Republic

Eric Groenendyk, Political Science - Conference, Rome, Italy

Thomas Hagen, Mathematical Sciences - Conference, Madrid, Spain

Kathryn Howell, Psychology - Conference, Paris, France

John Miles, English - Conference, London, England

Zandria Robinson, Sociology - Conference, San Francisco, CA

Jeff Scraba, English - Conference, Washington, DC

Beverly Tsacoyianis, History - Research, Great Britain & France

Gregory Washington, Social Work - Conference, Washington, DC

Sarah Barnes, PhD, Psychology - Conference, San Francisco, CA

Alberto Bejarano-Romo, PhD, Philosophy - Conference, Umbria, Italy

Emily Elderbrock, PhD, Biological Sciences - Research, Venus, FL

Jenessa Gebers, MA, Anthropology - Research, Iganga, Uganda

Allison Hennie, PhD, Earth Sciences - Research, Ohio

Jermaine Johnson, PhD, Chemistry - Research, Gaithersburg, MD

Blake Jones, PhD, Biological Sciences - Conference, Newport, RI

Keanan Joyner, Junior, Psychology - Conference, Washington, DC

Charles Robinson, PhD, English - Conference, Washington, DC

Melissa Smigelsky, PhD, Psychology - Conference, Washington, DC

Dominik Vu, PhD, Mathematical Sciences - Conference, Budapest, Hungary

Fall 2014

Ralph Faudree, Mathematical Sciences - Conference, Rytro, Poland

Inmaculada Gomez Soler, Foreign Languages - Conference, San Antonio, TX

M. Shah Jahan, Physics - Conference, Jeju Island, South Korea

Andrew Liu, Biological Sciences - Conference, China

Erin Nemenoff, Public Administration - Conference, Denver, CO

Wendi Albert, MA, Social - Conference, Tampa, FL

Le'Trice Donaldson, PhD, History - Conference, Izmir, Turkey

Carla Edmonson, Senior, Psychology - Conference, Nashville, TN

Stephanie Haddad, PhD, Biological Sciences - Conference, Portland, OR

Kristopher Holmes, MA, History - Research, Egypt

Tiffany Rybak, PhD, Psychology - Conference, Philadelphia, PA

Rachel Smith, PhD, English - Conference, Atlanta, GA