2014 Faculty Research Grant Awards

Remy Debes, Ph.D., (PHIL), $4,500, “The Nature of Human Dignity”

Michael Duke, Ph.D., (ANTH), $5,943, “Cultural, Social, and Structural Barriers to Health Care among Marshall Islanders in the United States”

Verena Erlenbusch, Ph.D., (PHIL), $5,294, “Colonialism and Terrorism: Lessons from the Algerian War”

Michael Ferkin, Ph.D., (BIOL), $6,000, “Mate Choice for Cognitive Ability”

Kathryn Howell, Ph.D., (PSYC), $6,000, “Risk and Protective Factors in Violence-Exposed Mothers: Examining the Intersection of Intimate Partner Violence, HIV, and Substance Use on Parenting”

Andrew Liu, Ph.D., (BIOL), $6,000, “Molecular Evolution of Circadian Transcription Factors”

Sanjay Mishra, Ph.D., (PHYS), $6,000, “Novel Oxide Nanocomposite Magnets: Route to non-Rare-Earth Permanent Magnets”

William Thompson, Ph.D., (FLL), $5,540.50 “Old Mines Archive Project”

Somogy Varga, Ph.D., (PHIL), $5,800 “Mind and Mental Disorder”

Yongmei Wang, Ph.D., (CHEM), $4,500, “Mesoscale Simulations for Field Flow Fractionation”