2021 CAS Faculty Research Grants

The CAS Research Grants programs are an internal effort by the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) intended to support research and creative activity of CAS faculty and to enhance competitiveness for external funding.

External Funding Stimulus (EFS)

  • Emerson Keith Bowers, Biological Sciences
  • Shawn Brown, Biological Sciences
  • Randy Cox, Earth Sciences
  • Lindsey Feldman, Anthropology
  • Shelley Keith, Criminology and Criminal Justice
  • Katherine Lambert-Pennington, SUAPP/ANTH
  • Charles A. Lessman, Biological Sciences
  • Deranda Lester, Psychology
  • Sanjay Mishra, Physics and Materials Science
  • Esra Ozdenerol, Earth Sciences 

Summer Research Stimulus (SRS)

  • Evelyn Wright Fogle, English
  • Katherine Fredlund, English
  • Joseph Hafer, PADM
  • Brian Kwoba, History
  • Laura C Taylor, Social Work

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