2020 CAS Career Milestone

NOTE: This list is compiled from the Human Resources Department website. And is generated once a year in November.

Fifty Years of Service

John Haddock, Mathematical Sciences

Forty-Five Years of Service

Robert Cohen, Psychology
Thomas Fagan, Psychology

Forty Years of Service

Peter Bridson, Chemistry
Muhammad Jahan, Physics and Materials Science

Thirty-Five Years of Service

Jeffrey Berman, Psychology
Theodore Burkey, Chemistry
Thomas Nenon, Philosophy
Timothy Roche, Philosophy
Tit-Yee Wong, Biological Sciences

Thirty Years of Service

Shaul Bar, Judaic Studies
Theron Britt, English
Amit Sen, Philosophy
Emily Thrush, English

Twenty-Five Years of Service

Bela Bollobas, Mathematical Sciences
Beverly Bond, History
Michael Ferkin, Biological Sciences
Daniel Larsen, Earth Sciences
Mate’ Wierdl, Mathematical Sciences

Twenty Years of Service

Hongqiu Chen, Mathematical Sciences
Catherine Dice, English
Charles Langston, CERI
Dennis Laumann, History
Mary Beth Mader, Philosophy
Yuki Matsuda, World Languages and Literatures
Ladrica Menson-Furr, English

Fifteen Years of Service

Sharon Wrobel, Public Administration
Bentuo Zheng, Mathematical Sciences
Misty Freeman, Mathematical Sciences
Andrew Mickelson, Earth Sciences
Fatima Nogueira, World Languages and Literatures
Charles Santo, City and Regional Planning

Ten Years of Service

Frank Andrasik, Psychology
William Baggett, Computer Science
Xiaohua Huang, Chemistry
Jennifer Johnston, World Languages and Literatures
Robert Kelz, World Languages and Literatures
Robin Lennon-Dearing, Social Work
Duane McKenna, Biological Sciences
Donald Morrison, Institute for Intelligent Systems
Susan Neely-Barnes, Social Work
Susan O'Donovan, History
Rhonda Powers, English
Amanda Lee Savage, History
Alka Sharma, Biological Sciences
Paul Simone, Chemistry
Omar Skalli, Biological Sciences