Top Funded Projects by Fiscal Year

The information below is only for the College of Arts & Sciences and is taken from the Research & Innovation Annual Research Report. Full details about University of Memphis Research, download the Research & Innovation Annual Research Report.

Federal Funded    |    State Funded    |    Corporate/Foundation

Federally Funded Projects FY 2021

Learner Data Institute

Vasile Rus | $1,534,309

Harnessing the Data Revolution to Improve the Effectiveness, Efficiency, and Engagement of the Learning Ecosystem (multi-year award)

Evaluate Impact of Health and Education Programs in the Mississippi Delta

Wesley James | $1,471,806

(multi-year award)

mHealth Center for Discovery, Optimization & Translation of Temporally-Precise Interventions (mDOT)

Santosh Kumar | $1,334,467

ASPIRED: Adaptations for Sustainable Policies and Increased Recruitment Excellence in Diversity

Esra Ozdenerol | $1,000,000

Operation of the Mid-America Integrated Seismic Network 2020-2024-CERI

Mitchell Withers | $841,311

(multi-year award)

CC* Integration-Large: mGuard: A Secure Real-time Data Distribution System with Fine-Grained Access Control for mHealth Research

Lan Wang | $825,000

* Note: $$ is obligated amount in FY

State Funded Projects FY 2021

Governor's School for International Studies, 2021

Keri Brondo | $238,245

Gambling Treatment Services FY21-22

James Whelan | $360,000

Operation and Maintenance of the Arkansas Seismic Network

Stephen Horton | $162,000

Corporate and Foundation Funded Projects FY 2021

Public Safety Institute

Abby Parrill-Baker | $525,000

Promoting Health and Well-being in Children and Families: Evaluating a Prenatal Intervention Program

Kathryn Howell | $160,000

(multi-year award)

ETS Sponsored Research Agreement

Alistair Windsor | $98,242

(multi-year award)