MA in Writing and Rhetoric

The Writing and Rhetoric Concentration is designed to prepare instructors and practitioners of composition. The program includes courses in composition history and theory, studies of specific theorists, and applications to writing, editing, and collaboration. Courses in the program emphasize writing and editing to achieve specific purposes and address specific audiences, using writing as a tool for learning, working collaboratively to solve problems, evaluating the findings of empirical research in composition studies, and applying contemporary theory to the teaching of composition. 

Recent Course Offerings

Teaching and Writing with AITech Writing in Science and MedicineResearch Methods in WritingDocument Design
(Left to right: Topics in Composition: Teaching/Writing with AI; Communicating in Crisis: Tech Writing in Science and Medicine; Research Methods in Writing; Document Design)


This is a 30-hour program plus 3 hours for a thesis project. For more information about the MA in Writing and Rhetoric program requirements, visit the Graduate Catalog.

WRTC Faculty Bookshelf

Rhetorical SpeculationsBeyond ConversationFeminist Connections
(Left to right: Rhetorical Speculations by Scott Sundvall; Beyond Conversation by Will Duffy; Feminist Connections by Katie Fredlund)

Writing and Rhetoric Coordinator:
Dr. Scott Sundvall

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