Corpus Linguistics & Disciplinary Literacies Lab


The Corpus Linguistics and Disciplinary Literacies lab conducts research on discipline- and profession-specific genre practices, second language writing, and technology-based writing pedagogies. Founded in 2023, our lab draws on a variety of corpus linguistic and discourse analysis techniques and collaborates across the University of Memphis to apply our findings to pedagogical projects. Faculty-graduate students collaborations lie at the heart of all scholarly and pedagogical activities. 

Current Members

Dr. J. Elliott Casal
Assistant Professor of Applied Linguistics, Department of English
Affiliate Faculty, Institute for Intelligent Systems

Ghadi Matouq
PhD Student, Applied Linguistics, Department of English

Hana Alqabba
PhD Student, Applied Linguistics, Department of English

Publications and Presentations

Casal, J. E., & Yoon, J. (2023). Frame-based formulaic features in L2 writing pedagogy: Variants, functions, and student writer perceptions in academic writing. English for Specific Purposes, 71, 102-114.

Casal, J. E., Zhang, G., Matouq, G., & Alqabba, H. (Accepted/In Progress). ‘These results are inconsistent’: ‘This/these + shell noun’ patterns in Engineering theses and research articles. Journal of Second Language Studies Special Topic Issue ‘Corpus Linguistics and Second Language Studies.’  

Alqabba, H., Matouq, G., & Casal, J. E. (Upcoming, March, 2024). Formulaic language in research articles and public facing summaries: A phrase-frame perspective. Paper to be presented at the 46th annual AAAL Conference, Houston, TX.

Matouq, G., & Casal, J. E. (Upcoming, March, 2024). Linguistic complexity in public-facing summaries of English language Linguistics studies: How researchers 'simplify’ their language. Poster to be presented at the 46th annual AAAL Conference, Houston, TX.

Ruggiero, D., & Casal, J. E. (2023 November). Ayúdame! Multilingualism, access, and health disparities: The importance of Spanish proficiency in the US healthcare system. NED talks, University of Memphis Ned McWherter Library.

Current Scholarly Projects

  • Relationship between task complexity and writing complexity in genre-based writing instruction (with Dr. Rebecca Adams)
  • Linguistic and rhetorical features of public-facing research summaries
  • Cross-linguistic comparison of medical rhetoric and linguistic conventions in English/Spanish medical research (with Dr. Diana Ruggiero and Dr. Tori Thompson Peters)
  • Linguistic variation in human and ChatGPT language across finance and medical domains (with Dr. Christopher Stewart and Dr. Alistair Windsor)
  • Impacts of Concept-Based Language Instruction on teaching of reporting verbs and intertextuality in multilingual undergraduate student writers (with Dr. Yiran Xu)

Current Pedagogical Projects

  • Instructor and student focus groups on GenAI and writing pedagogies in English (with Dr. Will Duffy)
  • Data-Driven Learning for vocabulary learning in medical Spanish courses at UofM (with Dr. Diana Ruggiero)
  • Graduate student research and language skills in MS programs in Data Science, Computer Science, and Information Systems at UofM (with Ming Cheng and Iratishe Madaki of Applied Linguistics in English; UofM Graduate College; UofM Intensive English for Internationals Program)
  • Pedagogical affordances of Generative AI for L2 English writing (with Dr. Jungwan Yoon) and L2 Spanish writing (with Allen Woodall) instruction/learning