MA in Literature

The MA in Literature seeks to provide students with the interpretive skills necessary to understand their own and other cultures through the study of literary texts and contexts. Literature students can take both traditional historical surveys and a variety of courses flexibly organized around author, genre, movement, theoretical approach, and special topic or theme. The program provides students with advanced preparation for a wide range of careers in such fields as teaching, publishing, libraries, journalism, politics, law, and public relations.

Requirements for the MA consist of 33 credit hours and successful completion of the MA Comprehensive Exam. Students may either take 33 credits of course work, or substitute a thesis for 3 course credits. All students must complete the MA Exam in order to graduate.

Recent Course Offerings:

Modern Irish LiteratureHarlem RenaissanceWomen and LitBritish Renaissance
(Left to right: Modern Irish Literature; Literature of the Harlem Renaissance; American Regional Writing by Women; British Renaissance Literature: Race, Gender, & Law)


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Literature Faculty Bookshelf

God is ChangeFuriously FunnyMiddle English LyricMarket for Modernism
(Left to right: God is Change by Shelby Crosby; Furiously Funny by Terrence Tucker; What Kind of a Thing is a Middle English Lyric? by Cristina Maria Cervone; Contemporary Fiction, Celebrity Culture, and the Market for Modernism by Carey Mickalites)

Literature Coordinator:
Dr. Darryl Domingo 

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