PhD in Writing, Rhetoric, and Technical Communication

The PhD in Writing, Rhetoric, and Technical Communication prepares students to teach and conduct research in the areas of composition, rhetoric, technical communication, and writing program administration. Students following a career path in industry are prepared to work as consultants, editors, content developers, and researchers. The core curriculum provides students with training in rhetorical theory, research methods, scholarly writing, and the foundational concerns of writing studies, after which students work with their advisors to select courses that most align with their professional interests.

Recent Course Offerings

Teaching and Writing With AITech Writing in Science and MedicineResearch Methods in WritingDigital Rhetoric and Writing
(Left to right: Topics in Composition: Teaching/Writing with AI; Communicating in Crisis: Tech Writing in Science and Medicine; Research Methods in Writing; Digital Rhetoric and Writing)


Students who hold teaching assistantships teach in the English Department's First-Year Writing Program sequence and eventually may be able to teach upper-division courses in professional writing, engineering communication, and persuasive writing. Students interested in writing program administration may be able to serve as an assistant director in the university's Center for Writing and Communication and/or the First-Year Writing Program. For program requirements, visit the English Graduate Catalog.

WRTC Faculty Bookshelf

Rhetorical SpeculationsBeyond ConversationFeminist Connections
(Left to right: Rhetorical Speculations by Scott Sundvall; Beyond Conversation by Will Duffy; Feminist Connections by Katie Fredlund)

Writing, Rhetoric, & Technical Communication Coordinator:
Dr. Scott Sundvall

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