MFA in Creative Writing FAQ

What are the requirements for my degree?
All students must complete 48 graduate credit hours while maintaining at least a 3.0 average. In addition, students must complete a book-length Thesis and a Comprehensive Exam. 


How long does the program take?
Most students complete the program in about 3 years. 


How many hours do I need each semester to be considered full-time?
At least 9 hours each semester.


Which genres can I specialize in?
We offer degrees in poetry, nonfiction, and fiction. 


Can I take courses outside of my genre?
Yes! In fact, it's a requirement for students to take at least one Workshop or Forms class outside of your genre.


What courses are available?
Information about required courses can be found in the Graduate Catalog. To find out what we're offering in the upcoming semester, visit the Course Offerings page. To find out what will be offered over the next several semesters, view our two-year course rotation template.


Feel free to contact the Graduate Assistant Sarah Ellis or Creative Writing faculty member Prof. Marcus Wicker with questions.