Graduate Admissions


Are you thinking about attending graduate school? We hosted a virtual information session on April 15, 2020. Our faculty and staff presented a brief overview and were available to answer questions. If you missed it, check out our Zoom meeting recording.

The College of Health Sciences graduate programs include the following majors and concentrations:

M.S. Health Studies (concentration areas below)

  • Exercise, Sport & Movement Sciences
  • Health Promotion (online only)
  • Physical Education Teacher Education (online only)

M.S. Nutrition (concentration areas below)

  • Clinical Nutrition
  • Environmental Nutrition (online only)
  • Nutrition Science

University Application

  • How To Apply - Read Admissions tips on applying
  • Apply Online - Scroll down to find the program of interest
  • You will need to know your major and concentration when applying

Note: If you have previously completed a graduate application to the University, all future graduate application fees are waived. Please contact Graduate Admissions (901.678.3685 or graduateadmissions@memphis.edu) for a coupon code for you to use within a day of submitting your next application.

Rolling Admissions: Deadlines for optimal consideration

  • Fall Semester Admission materials should be submitted by May 1st
    • International students' materials should be submitted by April 1st
  • Spring Semester Admission materials should be submitted by October 1st
    • International students' materials should be submitted by September 1st

For all applications in progress prior to March 22nd click here.

For all new 2020 applicants: the following items are required for the College of Health Sciences graduate admissions.

1. Transcripts (Please see instructions on how to send your transcripts via the WebAdMIT portal)

2. Test Scores (Please see instructions on how to send your test scores via the WebAdMIT/Liason portal)

  • NOTE:  If you are not able to take the GRE/PRAXIS II due to COVID-19, we will waive this requirement from your application. If you have already taken the GRE/PRAXIS II, feel free to submit your scores through your Liason portal.

3. A Current Curriculum Vitae/ Resume (Upload to the WebAdMIT portal)

4.Two Letters of Recommendation (Please see instructions in WebAdMIT portal on how to upload recommendation letters)

  • Letters should be from a former professor (ideally) or by others who can accurately address the applicant's academic performance and/or ability to successfully complete graduate studies.

Note: The curriculum vitae and letters of recommendation are not needed for those applying only for the graduate certificate in Sport Nutrition and Dietary Supplementation.

5. Personal Statement (upload to the WebaAdMIT portal)

  • In no more than one page (single spaced text), provide a brief statement describing:
    • Your interest in pursuing graduate work at the University of Memphis (e.g., how our program will benefit you; please specify your particular area(s) of research interest)
    • Your professional goals
    • The suitability of your academic preparation for graduate study in your chosen area
    • Your prior professional experiences

6. College of Health Sciences Application (upload to "other document" in WedAdMIT)

7. Graduate Assistantship Application (this application is not required unless the applicant is interested. Please indicate "yes or no" in the portal if you want to apply for a  GA position)

Deadlines: (for optimal consideration)

  • Fall Semester admission materials should be submitted by May 1st

    • International Student materials should be submitted by April 1st

  • Spring Semester admission materials should be submitted by October 1st

    • International Students materials should be submitted by September 1st. 

Students interested in the graduate program in Clinical Nutrition should follow the admission guidelines outlined in the Program Admission Requirements.

NOTE: Once all materials are received by the Graduate School and by our College of Health Sciences Graduate Coordinator, our faculty members within the respective program of study will review the completed application file, check your application portal for status updates.

For technical support or application navigation questions, contact Graduate Admissions Customer Service at 617.612.2943 (8 a.m. – 4 p.m,. Monday – Friday).

Graduate Assistantship Available

Seeking: Candidate with B.S. degree in biology, chemistry, or related area interested in M.S. program in Nutrition Science or Exercise, Sport and Movement Sciences

Position entails a variety of activities, including - subject recruitment and screening, data collection, blood/urine/tissue collection and processing, animal handling and training, biochemical assays and manuscript writing.

Assistantship benefits: Tuition and fees for 9 credit hours per semester (Fall and Spring) + monthly stipend of $1000 for 8 months each year. A summer fellowship is also available for a $2000 award. Students will be well-prepared for advanced graduate study at the Ph.D. or M.D. level upon completion of the program. 

Contact Jackie Pence at jpence1@memphis.edu for more information.