What is UM Degree?

UM Degree is an advising and planning tool that helps you make plans for graduation.  Use UM Degree Plans for you and your advisor to outline each semester.  Click here for UMdegree Student Instructions.

The UMdegree Worksheet (degree audit) lists information regarding your current academic pursuits, including Degree Requirements, General Education Requirements, Major Requirements (with concentration if applicable) and Minor Requirements. This tool reflects all changes to a student's academic record and is used in determining if a student has successfully completed all graduation requirements.  You should review this worksheet each semester as you prepare to talk with your academic advisor.

 Registration Step-by-Step:

  • Log into myMemphis and go to the Student tab.
  • Select Registration Tools, then Look Up Classes
  • Click on Advanced Search
  • Subject: Enter subject, for example, MATH
  • Course Number: Enter specific course number, for example, 1910
  • Click Submit

A registration quick guide can be found here:


How do I drop a class?

Once classes have started, it is imperative to FIRST check the UofM academic calendar for important dates/ deadlines and talk to Financial Aid before you drop a class.

Before classes start:

  • Log into myMemphis and go to the Student tab
  • Select Registration Tools, then Add/ Drop Classes
  • Select Term
  • Find class and select “Web Delete” or “Web Withdrawl” from dropdown menu (the difference in these two options is based on the timing during semester).

Click here for Calendars from the Registrar’s Office. 

General Education Requirement Information:

All majors in the college of engineering must fulfill 41-42 hours of general education course requirements.  This includes:

ENGL 1010, ENGL 1020, ENGL 2201/2202, ENGL 3603
6 Credits of Humanities/ Fine Arts
6 Credits of Social Sciences

  • Of these 6 credits, engineering students are required to take ECON 2010 toward this requirement

Math 1910
8 Credits of Natural Sciences

  • Engineering students are required to take calculus-based PHYS 2110/PHYS 2111.
  • Mechanical, Biomedical and EECE students are also required to take PHYS 2120/2121.
  • Engineering Technology students are required to take general Physics PHYS 2010/2011 and PHYS 2020/2021.

6 hours of US History,  Engineering Technology students only

  • Engineering waives this history requirement if the student took one year of US History in High School.

What is Course Program of Study (CPOS)

Course Program of Study (CPOS) is a federal requirement that only courses that count toward a student's program of study (your declared major/minor) be considered when determining Federal Financial Aid eligibility.  For additional information regarding CPOS, visit https://www.memphis.edu/financialaid/cpos.php.

What type of financial aid does CPOS impact?

CPOS applies to Federal Financial Aid (e.g., Pell Grant, SEOG Grant, Stafford Loans, PLUS Loans, etc.) and State Financial Aid (e.g., Hope Scholarships, TSAC Scholarships/Grants). It does NOT impact eligibility for institutional financial aid (e.g. University of Memphis Scholarships/Grants, etc.).  If you have questions regarding courses in your program of study, please email engineeringadvising@memphis.edu.

How do I add a closed class?

When registering for classes, if you see a “C” in the box, that means the course is closed.

 To add a closed class, you must know the Course Registration Number (CRN).  The CRN is a 5-digit number assigned to represent the course.

To find the CRN:

  • Log into myMemphis and go to the Student tab
  • Select Registration Tools, then Look Up Classes
  • The highlighted blue number is the CRN

To add a closed class:

  • Log into myMemphis and go to the Student tab
  • Select Registration Tools, then Add/ Drop Classes
  • Select Term
  • Look toward the bottom of the page to find CRN and 5 empty boxes to enter the Course Registration Number (CRN)

To register for a closed class, you must receive a permit.  A permit is an electronic "permission slip" that allows you to register for a course section that is closed to you because it is full or has been labeled "restricted" or "permit required" by the academic department.

For almost all subjects, this means you must request a permit from the academic department offering the subject. If the department/unit agrees to allow you to register for the course, it will issue an electronic "permit" in the University's registration system. Until it issues this permit, the system will not allow you to register for the class.

To see if a department has issued you a permit, check your "Registration Status" screen in Student Self Service.

Important Points to Remember About Permits:

  1. The Registrar's Office CANNOT issue permits: only academic departments or advising units can.
  2. A permit gives you permission to register for a class: you, yourself, must actually register for the class through the online registration system.
  3. If the online registration system will not allow you to register for the class, even though the department/unit agreed to issue a permit, contact the office again and explain the problem. The office will need to determine if it issued the permit correctly or if it needs to issue an additional permit or permits.
  4. If you decide you do not want to take the class after all and drop the permit, you will no longer be able to register for the class. So be sure you really do not want the class before dropping the permit. Otherwise, you will have to request the permit again.

Contacts for departmental permits in the Herff College of Engineering:

EECE (Electrical & Computer Engineering), 206 Engineering Science Bldg / 678.2175
ENGR (Engineering Core), 303D Engineering Administration Bldg / 678.4852
BIOM (Biomedical Engineering), 330 Engineering Technology Bldg / 678.3733
MECH (Mechanical Engineering), 312 Engineering Science Bldg / 678.2173
TECH (Engineering Technology), 203 Engineering Technology Bldg / 678.2225
CIVL (Civil Engineering), 104 Engineering Science Bldg / 678.2746
UNHP (University Honors College), 101 Honors Hall, 678.2690

What is my Final Exam schedule?

To find your final exam schedule for this semester, scroll down to the Semester Final Exam Schedules on this page:  https://www.memphis.edu/registrar/calendars/index.php.

How do I find Honors Classes?

Honors classes can be found here:    https://www.memphis.edu/honors/members/courses.php.

Online registration errors explained: