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Herff College Ambassadors

Herff College Ambassadors are a group of high-achieving students who are the voice and face of the college in the community, at industry/alumni events, and more importantly, to prospective students. Often the first person a visiting family will interact with, an ambassador provides an all incompassing tour and personalized experience for each prospective family. Ambassadors also represent Herff College at various recruitment events across the state. 

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West Tennessee STEM Hub Ambassador Program

The West TN STEM Hub serves as a resource for West Tennessee to increase students’ interest in and preparedness for the STEM workforce. The Hub takes a multi-pronged approach to engaging target audiences through a variety of activities including providing materials for individual exploration, in-classroom and out of classroom learning opportunities, teacher training, and creating conversations between K-12, higher education, and industry around STEM education. Collaborative partnerships between the Hub and STEM community professionals are the cornerstone of this work. The Hub is led by the University of Memphis Herff College of Engineering with partnership from the College of Education and the College of Arts and Sciences.

The program provides undergraduate STEM majors interested in supporting K-12 schools the opportunity to make money and share their love for their discipline. As a STEM Ambassador, you will work with teachers and students to increase STEM opportunities and support support STEM academic programs within Memphis and Jackson-area schools. 

Role of a STEM Ambassador

  • math tutor
  • STEM competition coaches
  • after school activity coordinators
  • STEM club liaisons
  • STEM lab instructors


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