Finding Your Advisor

Who is my academic advisor?

You can locate your assigned academic advisor in a few different places:

  1. UMDegree (located on your myMemphis, mydegree tab)
  2. Navigate
  3. myMemphis, Student tab, "who is my advisor?"

If you do not have an advisor assigned, please contact Betsy Loe, egrear@memphis.edu.

List of Engineering Advisors:

Department    Advisor Name    Email
College Advisor/Freshmen   Betsy Loe   egrear@memphis.edu 
Academic Advisor   Luanne Donoghue   ldonoghu@memphis.edu  
College Advisor   Drew Garth   asgrath@memphis.edu 
Biomedical   Dr. Joel Bumgardner   jbmgrdnr@memphis.edu
Biomedical    Dr. Amy Curry   adejongh@memphis.edu
Biomedical    Dr. Erno Linder   elindner@memphis.edu
Biomedical    Dr. Gary Bowlin   glbowlin@memphis.edu
Biomedical   Dr. Amber Jennings    jjnnings@memphis.edu
Biomedical   Dr. John Williams   jlwllm17@memphis.edu 
Civil   Dr. Brian Waldron   bwaldron@memphis.edu
Civil   Dr. Adel Abdelnaby   bdelnaby@memphis.edu
Civil   Dr. David Arellano   darellan@memphis.edu
Civil   Dr. Clauido Meier   cimeier@memphis.edu
Civil   Dr. Charles Camp   cvcamp@memphis.edu
Civil   Dr. Shahram Pezeshk   spezeshk@memphis.edu
Civil   Dr. Sabyasachee Mishra   smishra3@memphis.edu
Civil   Dr. Stephanie Ivey   ssalyers@memphis.edu
Civil   Dr. Michail Gkolias   mgkolias@memphis.edu
Civil   Dr. Paul Palazolo   ppalazol@memphis.edu
Civil   Dr. Roger Meier   rwmeier@memphis.edu
Civil   Dr. Farhad Jazaei   fjazaei@memphis.edu 
Civil   Dr. Joseph Delaney   jwdlaney@memphis.edu 
Electrical and Computer   Dr. Eddie Jacobs   eljacobs@memphis.edu
Electrical and Computer    Dr. Peter Lau   peterlau@memphis.edu
Electrical and Computer   Dr. Madhu  Balasubramanian    mblsbrmn@memphis.edu 
Electrical and Computer   Dr. Aaron Robinson    alrobins@memphis.edu 
Electrical and Computer   Dr. Ana Doblas    adoblas@memphis.edu 
Electrical and Computer   Dr. Bonny Banerjee    bbnerjee@memphis.edu 
Electrical and Computer   Dr. Hasan Ali    mhali@memphis.edu 
Electrical and Computer   Dr. Mohamed Yeasin    myeasin@memphis.edu 
Mechanical   Dr. Amir Hadadzadeh   hddzadeh@memphis.edu 
Mechanical   Dr. Ebrahim Asadi   easadi@memphis.edu
Mechanical   Dr. Gladius Lewis   glewis@memphis.edu
Mechanical   Dr. Ranganathan Gopalakrishnan   rgplkrsh@memphis.edu
Mechanical   Dr. Jeffrey Marchetta   jmarchtt@memphis.edu
Mechanical   Dr. Daniel Foti   dvfoti@memphis.ed
Mechanical    Dr. Alexander Headley   jheadley@memphis.edu 
Mechanical    Dr. Yuan Gao   ygao6@memphis.edu 
Mechanical    Dr. Yue Guan   yguan1@memphis.edu 
Mechanical    Dr. Yong Hoon Lee   yhlee@memphis.edu 
Mechanical    Dr. Reza Molaei   rmolaei@memphis.edu 
Engineering Technology   Mr. Tom Banning   tbanning@memphis.edu