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The Health Law Society ("HLS") is dedicated to raising awareness of health law related issues at the University of Memphis. It explores the intersection between healthcare and the legal system. The HLS strives to increase and enhance the knowledge of its members and the Memphis legal community by exploring local and national health policy concerns.


The Health Law Society was founded to explore the intersection of the legal community with the healthcare industry. Functioning as the student run component of the Health Law program at the University of Memphis, Cecil C. Humphreys School of Law, the HLS works closely with the Health Law & Policy Institute and Memphis Bar Association Health Law Section.

The HLS seeks to connect students with the thriving healthcare community in Memphis. As the leading center of healthcare in the Mid South, Memphis provides students with many opportunities to connect with the local legal and healthcare community. The Society provides annual networking events and events where law students can discuss the practice of health law with seasoned attorneys. The HLS also partners with the Health Law Section of the Memphis Bar Association to host social events that allow students to begin building the networks essential to the practice of law and learn more about the vast field of health law.

The HLS works closely with the Memphis Bar Association on a regular basis in other capacities. Members of the HLS contribute short summaries of legal issues related to healthcare for the Health Law Section's newsletters. These write-ups allow students to gain experience with legal writing and be published in a local legal medium. Officers from the Health Law Section also attend the HLS interest meetings and seek to engage with students through the organization.

The HLS also assists with the law school's health law symposium and hosts events that bring local attorneys to campus. Recently, the HLS was able to partner with attorneys from St. Jude to host a panel discussing legal issues related to human experimentation in medicine. Past events have included discussions related to bioethics, the Tuskegee Syphilis Events, and current events in Health Law.

The HLS looks forward to continuing to engage students at the University of Memphis, Cecil C. Humphreys School of Law in the dynamic field of Health Law.

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