Law Review Current Journal

Volume 49, Book 4

Steven J. Mulroy, Barriers at the Ballot Box Symposium Issue

Kimberly Breedon and A. Christopher Bryant, Counting the Votes: Electronic Voting Irregularities, Election Integrity, and Public Corruption 

Ann Ravel, A New Kind of Voter Suppression in Modern Elections

Molly Danahy and Danielle Lang, Distortion in the Census: America's Oldest Gerrymander? 

The Honorable Lynn Adelman, Political Fairness in Redistricting: What Wisconsin's Experience Teaches

Naila S. Awan, When Names Disappear: State Roll-Maintenance Practices 

Hans A. von Spakovsky, The Myth of Voter Suppression and the Enforcement Record of the Obama Administration

Dr. Tracey B. Carter, Eliminating Barriers to Voting: How Allowing College Students to Use Their Student IDs to Vote in Certain Southeastern States Can Help Make Voting Great in America 

Eugene D. Mazo, Finding Common Ground on Voter ID Laws

Nora Demleitner, Felon Disenfranchisement 

Audrey M. Calkins, The Importance of Involvement on the Local Level

Bruce Ledewitz, Taking the Threat to Democracy Seriously

Volume 49, Book 3



Cheryl Anderson, Making "Meaningful Access" Even Less Meaningful: Judicial Gatekeeping Under Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act

Ryan Lefkowitz, What are You En(title)d Two? Protecting Individuals with Disabilities During Interactions with Law Enforcement Under Title II of the ADA 

Benjamin Sundholm, Strict Liability for Genetic Privacy: Violations in the Age of Big Data


Annabelle P. Harris, The Doctrine of Promissory Estoppel in an Arm's Length Commercial Transaction in Tennessee: A Primer

Chelsea E. Caldwell, Baby Got Back? Enforcing Guardianship in International Surrogacy Agreements When Tragedy Strikes

Colton L. Sadler, Sentencing Mulligans After Collateral Review: Scope of Resentencing Following a 28 U.S.C. § 2255 Motion to "Vacate, Set Aside or Correct the Sentence"

Harrison Donahoe, Who Watches the Watchmen? Monopolization of Modern Comic Book Distribution

Volume 49, Book 2


Elizabeth R. McClellan, An Eighteenth-Century Statute Meets Twenty-First Century Procedural Due Process: The Dubious Constitutionality of Tennessee Prejudgment Attachment

Matthew A. Melone, Passing Through or Staying Awhile? C Corporations and Pass-Through Entities After Tax Reform


John S. Ehrett, Antifragile Policymaking: A Strategy for Institutional Response to the Social Science Reproducibility Crisis


Whitney L. Robinson, Hazed and Confused: Overcoming Roadblocks to Liability by Clarifying a Duty of Care Through a Special Relationship Between a National Greek Life Organization and Local Chapter Members

Sean O'Brien, The Highly Sensitive Person's Redress for Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress: Utilizing Experts in the Courtroom

L. Mathew Jehl, Amending Tennessee's Incapacity Statute: It "May Not Be a Sexy Story, But It's One, Frankly,
That . . . Will Help People"


Hayden T. Cherry, Fourth Amendment and No Trespassing Signs—State v. Christensen: An Unreasonable,
Reasonable Expectation

Volume 49, Book 1


Demetria Frank & Daniel Kiel, Where Do We Go From Here: Memphis and the Legacy of Dr. King's Unfinished Work


Senator Doug Jones, MLK 50 Symposium: Where Do We Go From Here? Introduction to the Keynote Address

The Honorable Eric H. Holder, Jr., MLK 50 Symposium: Where Do We Go From Here? Keynote Address


Tracey Maclin & Maria Savarese, Martin Luther King, Jr. and Pretext Stops (and Arrests): Reflections on How Far We Have Not Come Fifty Years Later

Mark Osler, Short of the Mountaintop: Race Neutrality, Criminal Law, and the Jericho Road Ahead

Toussaint Losier, The Rise and Fall of the 1969 Chicago Jobs Campaign: Street Gangs, Coalition Politics, and the Origins of Mass Incarceration


Richard L. Hasen, Civil Right No. 1: Dr. King's Unfinished Voting Rights Revolution 


Dorothy E. Roberts, The Most Shocking and Inhuman Inequality: Thinking Structurally About Poverty, Racism, and Health Inequities

Tomiko Brown-Nagin, Just Schools: A Holistic Approach to the Education of Impoverished Students

Dorothy A. Brown, Homeownership in Black and White: The Role of Tax Policy in Increasing Housing Inequity

Dayna Bowen Matthew, "Lessons from The Other America" Turning a Public Health Lens on Fighting Racism and Poverty  

Charles W. McKinney, Jr., Beyond Dreams and Mountains: Martin King's Challenge to the Arc of History

Beverly Daniel Tatum, Community or Chaos? Dialogue as Twenty-First Century Activism