Law Review Current Journal

Volume 50, Book 1

Tyler Broker, Church and State Originalism

Jared E. Sunshine, "All States are Equal, but Some State Are More Equal Than Others": State Sovereignty Under the Equal-Footing Doctrine Through the Lens of Preadmission Status

Dyllan Moreno Taxman, Unratified Treaties and the Constitutionality of Signatory Obligations: A Conceptual Solution

Adam C. Blakenship, To Lapse or Not to Lapse: Does the Tennessee Antilapse Statute Further the Testator's Intent?

Dillan McQueen, Platforms and Police Departments: On the Risk of Contractual Liability for Social Media Surveillance of Political Activism

Hannah Fuson, Fourth Amendment Searches in First Amendment Spaces: Balancing Free Association with Law and Order in the Age of the Surveillance State.

Volume 50, Book 2

Benjamin Walther & Ryan S. Killian, Sufficiently Rooted in Precedent and Policy

Noah C. Chauvin, Unifying Establishment Clause Purpose, Standing, and Standards

Frank D. LoMonte, The "Social Media Discount" and First Amendment Exceptionalism

Chinmayi Sharma, Concentrated Digital Markets, Restrictive APIs, and the Fight for Internet Interoperability

Charlotte Nichols, Second Amendment Rights Come Second to Citizenship: Why Illegal Immigrants are not Included in "The People" of the Second Amendment

Carson Gilbert, Echoes of our Past: Examining the Effects of Childhood Trauma and Proposing a New Constitutional Bar to Capital Punishment