JD/MA in Political Science

Program Admission
Admission to the dual program will require separate admission to both the Cecil C. Humphreys School of Law and the University of Memphis Department of Political Science. However, for applicants to the joint program, the Political Science Department will accept LSAT scores in lieu of the GRE. Students are admitted into each program separately; completion of one degree is not contingent upon completion of both.

Program Requirements
The MA degree program will accept up to 16 hours for courses taken at the law school. The remaining hours toward the MA in Political Science must be taken in Political Science. Students may take only law courses while completing the first year law curriculum. The following courses will qualify for credit in the MA in Political Science:

Law Courses required at Law School

  • Constitutional Law (4 hours)
  • Criminal Law (3 hours)
  • Criminal Procedure I (3 hours)

Law School Electives

  • Administrative Law (3 hours)
  • Criminal Procedure II (2 hours)
  • Federal Courts A (2 hours)
  • Federal Courts B (2 hours)
  • Civil Rights (3 hours)
  • Constitutional Law Seminar (2 hours)
  • Tennessee Con Law (2 hours)
  • Jurisprudence (2 hours)
  • International Law (3 hours)
  • Comparative Law (3 hours)
  • Immigration Law (3 hours)
  • Environmental Law (3 hours)

With the above exceptions, all the requirements for admission and graduation for the JD degree and the MA in Political Science degree apply.

This is a unique and wonderful opportunity for students. If you have any questions about this program, please contact Dr. Derefe Chevannes.