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Diagnosing America's Healthcare System: Addressing Costs and Access NOW

March 5, 2021


While universal healthcare is the norm in most developed countries and the goal of many in the United States, achieving it is not likely to occur in the near future. Americans don't have time to wait. We need action to reduce health costs and expand access now. At its annual symposium, The University of Memphis Law Review hopes to foster ideas and solutions focused on reforming our current insurance system, reducing the rising costs of healthcare, capitalizing on solutions offered by Artificial Intelligence and other technologies, addressing disparities on individuals and groups facing chronic discrimination, expanding the roles of non-M.D. healthcare workers, and promoting community initiatives aimed at education and expansion of access to those most vulnerable and at risk.

CLE Credit has been requested. Information and potential for virtual format to be announced soon. 

For more information contact symposium editor, John Taylor, at jptylor1@memphis.edu.

The University of Memphis Law Review hosts its annual symposium every spring at the Law School. For more information about the most recent past topics and speakers, please visit the links below.


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