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Barriers at the Ballot Box: Protecting or Limiting the Core of the American Identity?

Date: Friday, March 15, 2019

Volume 49 of The University of Memphis Law Review invites you to attend its annual symposium, "Barriers at the Ballot Box: Protecting or Limiting the Core of the American Identity?" The fundamental right to vote is arguably the most readily identifiable attribute of American citizenship; yet some citizens, such as convicted felons, face obstacles to cast their vote.

The symposium seeks to analyze whether structural and procedural barriers are modern-day attempts at disenfranchisement or needed protections on the fundamental right to vote. If current laws and practices effectively deny the franchise to some, what policy proposals can be used to enact change? If these barriers are needed protections, how far do these protections sweep without constitutional concern?

A diverse and dynamic roster of scholars, policymakers, and practitioners will examine both structural and procedural barriers ranging from voter registration list maintenance and implications of voter identification statutes to voting rights activism.

The University of Memphis Law Review hosts its annual symposium every spring at the Law School. For more information about the most recent past topics and speakers, please visit the links below.

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