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The Shifting Legal Landscape of Collegiate Competition

FEBRUARY 24, 2023



The University of Memphis Law Review will explore the many legal issues surrounding collegiate sports in America in its 2023 symposium. The Supreme Court's recent decision in NCAA v. Alston initiated a major shift in the way collegiate sports operate in the United States legal system. But there are many issues that have not been resolved for student athletes and the institutions for which they compete. These issues must be addressed now in order to ensure the fairness of collegiate competition and some measure of protection and just compensation for student athletes. Issues such as frameworks for collegiate sports gambling; resolution of employment and labor disputes; and regulation of name, image, and likeness (NIL) compensation and more will be addressed by experts and legal minds from across the country in our symposium. 

CLE credit has been requested. Information on registration, updated schedules, topics and more will be made available soon.

Contact Symposium Editor, Alexander Daichman at Alex.Daichman@memphis.edu for more information.

The University of Memphis Law Review hosts its annual symposium every spring at the Law School. For more information about the most recent past topics and speakers, please visit the links below.


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