Closing the Gap: Solutions to Educational Inequality
March 13, 2020

The University of Memphis Law Review invites you to attend its annual Symposium, "Closing the Gap: Solutions to Educational Inequality," scheduled for March 13, 2020. Education is critical to our nation, as it promotes both individual and collective flourishing. Nevertheless, significant barriers exist that prevent equal access to a quality education for all students. This Symposium seeks to address what solutions may be available to achieve greater educational equality.

This Symposium will include a diverse collection of scholarly views addressing the current legal and policy issues surrounding education. The topics covered may include school choice and voucher programs, ongoing racial, ethnic, and class segregation, school discipline, access to schools for immigrants and refugees, and whether a federal right to education should exist. For more information, please feel free to contact Symposium Editor Colin Donoghue at cmdnghue@memphis.edu.


The University of Memphis Law Review hosts its annual symposium every spring at the Law School. For more information about the most recent past topics and speakers, please visit the links below.

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