2021-22 Law Review Editorial Board:

  • Katelyn E. Jackson, Editor-in-Chief
  • Ameshia Forrest, Managing Editor
  • William T. Gebo, Business and Media Editor
  • Lexie Haralson, Symposium Editor
  • Marshall McComas, Senior Articles Editor
  • Emma Crawford Kent, Senior Notes Editor
  • Hailey V. Townsend, Research Editor
  • Nicole D. Blanchard, Articles Editor
  • David Coats, Articles Editor
  • Rachel McCallister, Articles Editor
  • Emma Louise Poindexter, Articles Editor
  • Rayna Todd, Articles Editor
  • Sara Burns, Notes Editor
  • Nery Michelle Chiles, Notes Editor
  • Brendan G. Horton, Notes Editor
  • Alexander P. McWhirter, Notes Editor
  • Nina Szymaszek, Notes Editor
  • Ericka Webster, Notes Editor

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