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The Path of Least Resistance: How Marginalized Communities Are Targeted By Harmful Infrastructure And Land Uses

February 16, 2024


The University of Memphis Law Review will explore the impact that different infrastructure and land uses has on marginalized communities. The importance of this topic is close to home as the Memphis community has recently fought and won a battle against large pipeline corporations. But as the issues grow around the nation, this symposium will address the key problems that occur when communities are targeted for their land.

The University of Memphis Law Review, in planning its Spring 2024 Symposium, seeks papers and presenters exploring proposals that would resolve one or more of the remaining legal issues surrounding environmental issues impacting marginalized communities. Papers will be edited and published in Volume 54, Book 4 of The University of Memphis Law Review, and authors will be invited to present at our hybrid in person and digital Symposium in February of 2024.  

If you are interested in participating, please submit a manuscript or abstract to Symposium Editor, Ashlie Gozikowski at ngzkwski@memphis.edu for more information. The deadline for submitting a manuscript or abstract is October 1, 2023.