Orientation Homework Assignments & Materials

This page contains your Orientation homework assignments and links to materials you will need to complete your homework assignments during Orientation. Please first review the 1L Orientation Homework Assignment List below, and then locate any other materials you will need to complete your assignments using the links below.

Please contact Abby Gardner if you have any questions.

1L Orientation Homework Assignments


Review the Pre-Orientation Checklist, the Registration Checklist, and the Orientation Week Checklist in the Memphis Law Guide mobile application and ensure that you have completed all required checklist items by the date indicated.

Formal Language Usage Pretest

  • The Formal Language Usage Pretest is a MANDATORY requirement for your first-year Legal Methods course.  
  • Print a copy of the pretest, complete it, and bring a hard copy of it with you to Orientation.
  • If you do not have access to a printer, you may pick up a copy of the pretest at the University of Memphis School of Law security desk beginning August 5, 2019.​
  • Your completed pretest is due at Registration for Orientation on Monday, August 12, 2019, between 8:15 and 9:00 a.m.

Preparing for Class:  Understanding the Legal System

Preparing for Class:  Understanding Law School & the Socratic Method

Introduction to Legal Methods

  • You will have a homework assignment for this class.
  • The eCourseware page for your Legal Methods Section (A 1|2, C 1|2, E 1|2, G 1|2) will have information about your homework assignment for this class.

Preparing for Class:  How to Brief Cases

Professional Cultural Competence for Law Students

Introduction to the Academic Regulations & the Honor Code

  • Prior to this session, thoroughly read the 2019 - 2020 Academic Regulations.
  • Print a copy of the Academic Regulations Acknowledgement Form and bring it with you to this session.
  • We will leave hard copies at the security desk for those who don't yet have printing set up.
  • Pay special attention to the Honor Code (Regulation 21) and Good Standing Regulations (Regulations 14.1 and 14.3).

Preparing for & Participating in Class:  Case Briefing & Note Taking Workshop

  • Read and brief Dowdell v. Bloomquist using Professor Romantz's template and bring a copy of the case and your brief to class.  The Dowdell case brief should focus on how the R.I. Supreme Court construes the term "fence" in the Spite Fence Statute.
  • Write a short (1-2 paragraph) memo reflecting on your experience with the case-briefing assignment. For example, consider what was harder or easier than you thought, what you could do to improve your reading and briefing process for the next case brief, and
    how confident you feel about your brief. Please bring a copy to class (these will be collected, so please put your name on it).

Preparing for Class:  Critical Reading Workshop

Civil Procedure Class (Both Sections 11 and 12)

Subject Matter Jurisdiction: Diversity Jurisdiction