While Memphis Law does not currently host any study abroad programs, we encourage students to explore programs at other law schools. Study abroad is a great way to gain unique educational experiences and meet students from all over the world.

How to Apply for Study Abroad

Please review Academic Regulations 16.5 and learn about transfer credit for law school work completed at another law school. Credit will only transfer from an ABA-accredited law school. You first must request the permission of Dean Jodi Wilson, Interim Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, to enroll in the program. You must make a "C" or better in each course for the credit to transfer. The credit hours transfer, but the actual grade does not.

To receive permission from Dean Wilson, you must submit a written memo requesting approval for transfer credit. The memo must provide sufficient information for Dean Wilson to evaluate the transfer credit. Submit the memo as an attachment to an email directed to Dean Wilson.  The memo must include the following information:

1. The name of the law school hosting the study abroad program. (Please note that the law school must be accredited by the ABA.)

2. An official course description including the number of credit hours to be awarded. (Please note that links to a program are not sufficient - you must copy and paste the relevant information into your memo.)

3. A description of how the the course(s) is assessed (e.g., paper, final examination).

4. Information on how the course is graded (e.g., pass/fail, letter grades). Please note that pass/fail credits will not be accepted. If a course is pass/fail, you must contact the host school to make alternative grading arrangements and provide that documentation to Dean Wilson.

5. Your signature.

Please note that transfer credit from a study abroad program (when approved) can count toward your hours to graduation but does not count in your GPA.

Law schools from all over the country send Memphis Law information about upcoming study abroad opportunities, and we post this information on a bulletin board in the basement near the student mailboxes for you to view. In addition, this list is not exhaustive but contains additional information about international programs.

In addition, the ABA maintains as list of ABA-approved study abroad programs for law students. You can access that list here.

Also, students can apply for University scholarship funding for study abroad programs here. You can also use financial aid to pay for study abroad programs.  Third party organizations, such as Go Overseas, also have scholarships and funding available.  I recommend searching for other study abroad scholarship opportunities.

If you have any questions about study abroad programs, please contact Assistant Dean for Law Student Affairs, Meredith Aden. She can be reached at or by calling (901) 678-3441.