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Academic Advising Worksheet

Spring 2024 Academic Advising Worksheet

  • This worksheet is for use by all students who matriculated in August of 2021 or after and by Part-Time Students who Matriculated in August of 2020.
  • If you are a full-time student who matriculated in August of 2020 or earlier or a part-time student who matriculated in August of 2019 or earlier, contact Dean Aden for an Advising Worksheet for the prior curriculum.

Additional Advising Resources

Below are links to some additional resources that may be helpful as you are considering what classes to take.

Academic Advising PowerPoint Presentations

A summary of information students should know in selecting courses can be found in the PowerPoints from the Fall 2023 advising presentations for Rising 2Ls and 3Ls.

Rising 3L Academic Advising PowerPoint Presentations

Rising 2L Academic Advising PowerPoint Presentations

Individual Advising

1L Advising Meetings

All 1Ls will be assigned to work with an academic advisor in the spring of their 1L year. 

Upper-Level Advising Meetings

If you are pursuing a certificate in Advocacy, Business, Health, or Tax Law, ask to meet with the Certificate Director make sure you are on track for the certificate.  

Students should also consider seeking academic advising from faculty who teach, write, or have practiced in areas of law of interest to you.

You may also reach out to the professor who advised you during your 1L year.  

Dean Aden, Dean Wilson, and Professor Fung are also available for individual advising for students who want to discuss their course selections or have other questions.