Student parking for the Law School is available at all downtown parking garages and public parking venues. The University has negotiated reduced parking rates for law students at nearby garages. Please contact the garages directly for any parking-related questions.

Garage Name  Address  Contact #  Prices
Mud Island Parking Garage
Premium Parking Services- Location #: P2705
125 North Front
901-576-7223 Monthly: $50.00
Daily: Prices vary.  See website.
Republic Parking
35 Monroe Avenue 901-545-0351 Covered Monthly:  $60.00
Rooftop Monthly:  $47.00
Towne Park
Shoppers Garage
85 N. Front Street 866-223-7056 Monthly: $55.00
Reserved: $125.00
Metro 67 Garage
Premium Parking Services- Location #: P2701
60 Madison Avenue 504-717-2443 24/7 Non-Reserved Monthly: $95.00


The Law School does not provide any on-campus parking for law students. Students may not park in the University-designated faculty/staff parking areas on Court Avenue or next to the Law School building.

Of course, you may choose to seek other options for parking. A good place to start is www.downtownmemphis.com. Click on the parking map link.

Main Campus Parking

Parking passes are available for law students who have an occasional need for services on the main campus such as the following:

  • The Counseling Center
  • Disability Resources for Students
  • The Student Health Center
  • Tiger Copy & Graphics
  • The Bookstore
  • The Bursar's Office
  • The Financial Aid Office
  • IT
  • Testing Center
  • Student government meetings (for our law school representatives)
  • Educational Help & Tutoring
  • Libraries

These parking solutions are not available for students with other regular business on the main campus (such as students regularly visiting the rec center, playing intramural sports, or joint/dual-degree students). These students should make other parking arrangements, as Options 1 and 2 are meant for students who have only an occasional need to go to the main campus for student services.

Effective immediately, if you are utilizing the above services, you will have three options for free parking on the main campus:

1. Single-Use Passes for the Zach Curlin Garage

The law school has purchased a limited number of single-use parking passes. Students can stop by room 262 and request a single-use parking pass from Abby Gardner. Students will be required to indicate a broad category of utilization so we will be able to track what services students are accessing with the parking passes. These passes are good for a single visit to the Zach Curlin garage.

2. University Hang Tags

The Law School has also purchased one University of Memphis parking hang tag. This hang tag is meant for our students to share. They will provide access to general parking lots on the main campus. These lots are designated in yellow on this parking map. The hang tag can be checked out from Abby Gardner in room 262 according to the process set forth below. As with the single-use passes, students will be required to indicate a broad category of utilization so we will be able to track what services students are accessing with the parking passes.

3. Confidential Counseling Center Single-Use Passes

Students using the Counseling Center should not use Option 1 or 2 listed above but should instead use the single-use passes that are available upon request from the University Counseling Center. Students wishing to utilize these Counseling Center passes should park in Zach Curlin garage. You can request a single-use pass at the end of your counseling appointment. The single-use pass will enable you to exit the Curlin garage without charge. Students can request as many single-use passes as needed for counseling services.

Hang tags check-out procedure:

1. Location of Passes

The parking pass can be checked out during law school business hours (8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.) from Abby Gardner in room 262. Students will be required to indicate a broad category of utilization so we will be able to track what services students are accessing with the parking passes.

2. Time of Check-Out

The hang tag parking pass is available to be checked out for two business days. The parking pass must be checked in and re-checked out after two business days. Students checking out a parking pass on Thursday have until Monday to return the parking pass.

3. Late & Lost Pass Fees

By checking out a parking pass or requesting a single-use pass, you are certifying that you are only using the parking pass for the accepted uses set forth in this announcement. Students who abuse the parking pass usage policy may have their parking pass check-out privileges revoked.

Students who lose a parking pass or who are late returning a parking pass will lose parking privileges and will not be allowed to check out another hang tag or to receive another single-use pass unless they first reimburse the law school for the cost of the lost pass.

Please contact Assistant Dean Meredith Aden if you have any questions about the parking passes.