People in the Department of Biological Sciences

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Biology Faculty and Instructional Staff

Name Title Phone E-Mail Bldg./Room
Abell, Amy Associate Professor 901.678.1307 anabell@memphis.edu LS 319
Adelman, James Assistant Professor 901.678.2950 jim.adelman@memphis.edu LS 325
Bayer, Randy Professor 901.678.2596 rbayer@memphis.edu EH 221
Beck, Melvin Professor 901.678.2970 mbeck@memphis.edu LS 317
Benford, Jennifer Assistant Professor of Teaching 901.678.1312 jennifer.benford@memphis.edu LS 201A
Boardman, Leigh Assistant Professor 901.678.2985 leigh.boardman@memphis.edu LS 531
Bowers, Keith Associate Professor 901.678.3406 ekbowers@memphis.edu EH 311
Brown, Martha Assistant Professor 901.678.3324 mbrown@memphis.edu EH 211
Brown, Shawn Associate Professor 901.678.3596 spbrown2@memphis.edu LS 335
Clarke, Dave Assistant Professor of Teaching 731.425.1970 djclarke@memphis.edu Hyde Hall 121A (Lambuth)
Cole, Judith Associate Professor 901.678.1363 jcole2@memphis.edu LS 417
Cook, Rebecca Professor of Teaching 731.425.1920 racook@memphis.edu Hyde Hall 112A (Lambuth)
Coons, Lewis Professor 901.678.3929 lcoons@memphis.edu LS 101
Daigle, Jr., Bernie Associate Professor 901.678.2727 bjdaigle@memphis.edu SM 402C
Diner, Rachel Assistant Professor -- Rachel.Diner@memphis.edu LS 403
Estraño, Carlos Associate Professor 901.678.2245 cestrano@memphis.edu LS 409
Ferkin, Michael Professor 901.678.3509 mhferkin@memphis.edu EH 315
Freeman, David Associate Professor, Chair 901.678.2959 dfreemn1@memphis.edu EH 201
Kennedy, Michael Professor 901.678.2597 mlkenndy@memphis.edu EH 307
Kohlmeier, Philip Assistant Professor 901.678.4126 pkhlmier@memphis.edu LS 427
Koontz, Melissa Coordinator, Physiology Lab 901.678.2585 m.b.koontz@memphis.edu EH 229
Kubicek, Charles Associate Professor of Teaching 731.425.7316 ckubicek@memphis.edu Hyde Hall 212A (Lambuth)
Lessman, Charles Professor 901.678.2963 clessman@memphis.edu LS 223
Mandel, Jennifer Associate Professor 901.678.5130 jmandel@memphis.edu EH 339
McKenna, Duane Professor 901.678.1386 dmckenna@memphis.edu EH 323
Nuñez, Cassandra Research Assistant Professor -- cmnunez@memphis.edu LS 313
Parris, Matthew Associate Professor 901.678.4408 mparris@memphis.edu EH 320
Puckett, Emily Assistant Professor 901.678.3005 emily.puckett@memphis.edu EH 333
Sabel, Jaime Associate Professor 901.678.3017 jlsabel@memphis.edu LS 229
Schwartzbach, Steven Professor 901.678.4470 sdschwrt@memphis.edu LS 423
Sharma, Alka Assistant Professor of Teaching 901.678.1799 asharma7@memphis.edu EH 215
Shin, Seung-Geuk Coordinator, Molecular Science Lab 901.678.1532 sshin3@memphis.edu EH 221
Skalli, Omar Professor 901.494.7342 oskalli@memphis.edu LS 103
Sutter, Carrie Research Associate Professor 901.678.4048 csutter@memphis.edu LS 541
Sutter, Thomas Professor 901.678.8391 tsutter@memphis.edu LS 511
Taller, Barbara Associate Professor 901.678.4459 bjtaller@memphis.edu LS 539

Emeritus Faculty

Name Title Phone E-Mail Bldg./Room
Biggers, Charles Professor Emeritus -- biggers@memphis.edu --
Dourth, Donald Professor Emeritus -- ddourth@memphis.edu --
Miller, Neil Professor Emeritus -- namiller@memphis.edu --
Schoech, Stephan Professor Emeritus -- sschoech@memphis.edu --
Stevens, Stanley Professor Emeritus -- estevens@memphis.edu --
Wong, Tit-Yee Professor Emeritus 901.678.4462 tywong@memphis.edu LS 523

Biology Staff

Name Title Phone E-Mail Bldg./Room
Ballou, Mike, Jr. Project Coordinator 901.678.4098 smballou@memphis.edu EH 113
Bowen, Judith Research Associate II 901.678.5130 jbowen9@memphis.edu EH 205
Clarke, Dave Web Administrator 731.425.1970 djclarke@memphis.edu EH 321
Crutchfield, Julia Business Officer II 901.678.2133 j.crutchfield@memphis.edu EH 239
Freese, Katherine Administrative Assistant I 901.678.2581 kfreese1@memphis.edu EH 239
Wade, E.O. Laboratory Technician 901.678.4461 ewade@memphis.edu LS 411

Biology Postdoctoral Researchers

Name Title Phone Email Bldg./Room
Moran, Kevin Postdoctoral Research Associate -- kmmoran@memphis.edu EH 321
Shin, Na Ra Postdoctoral Research Associate -- nshin1@memphis.edu EH 319
Sylvester, Terrence Postdoctoral Research Associate -- tpsylvst@memphis.edu EH 321


Animal Care Facility

Ray, Donny Associate Director Animal Care Facilities 901.238.7283 donnyray@memphis.edu LS 233

Biology Advising and Resource Center (B.A.R.C)

Name Title Phone E-Mail Bldg./Room
Benford, Jennifer Director, B.A.R.C. 901.678.1312 jennifer.benford@memphis.edu LS 201A
Plesofsky, Charles Academic Services Coordinator I 901.678.1312 czplsfsk@memphis.edu LS 201B

Center for Biodiversity Research (cBio)

Name Title Phone E-Mail Bldg./Room
McKenna, Duane Director 901.678.1386 dmckenna@memphis.edu EH 323

Edward J. Meeman Biological Station (MBS)

Name Title Phone E-Mail Bldg./Room
Bowers, Keith Director 901.678.3406 ekbowers@memphis.edu EH 311
Miller, Kelly Program Coordinator -- kdmller3@memphis.edu EH 329
Van Vickle, Jr., Darrell Field Station Caretaker -- dvnvckle@memphis.edu --

Integrated Microscopy Center (IMC)

Name Title Phone E-Mail Bldg./Room
Skalli, Omar Director 901.678.1730 oskalli@memphis.edu LS 103
Felio, Perez Materials Science Lab Manager 901.678.4441 fperez@memphis.edu LS 100A
Thompson, Lauren Coordinator, IMC 901.678.1730 lthmps10@memphis.edu LS 101 A1
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