Undergraduate Apply to Graduate Procedure

For students with majors in the College of Arts and Sciences, the process for applying to graduate and obtaining a "Summary of Coursework Remaining" is as follows:

  1. College of Arts and Sciences majors must apply to graduate at least one semester before the beginning of their expected graduation semester. Students apply to graduate in myMemphis on the My Degree tab by following the steps in the Commencement and Graduation Channel.

  2. After the student applies, the Graduation Analyst will complete a "Summary of Coursework Remaining," which will list all current and pre-enrolled courses and all remaining requirements.

  3. A copy of the student's "Summary of Coursework Remaining" will be e-mailed to the advisor and to the student several months after the application date.

  4. Students should meet with their academic advisor to review the Summary. If you have questions about the information on the Summary, your advisor should e-mail casgraduation@memphis.edu for clarification so that all concerned will have the correct information.

  5. Students will be placed on the graduation list for their application semester and their schedules will be checked at the beginning of the final semester. An e-mail will be sent to the UM e-mail account indicating that the student is placed on the graduation list. If there are remaining requirements, the e-mail will indicate that the student is "ineligible," and the NOTES section in UMdegree will state the reason. It is the student's responsibility to inform the analysts if classes are added or transfer work will complete the requirements.

  6. Students must e-mail casgraduation@memphis.edu if their graduation date needs to be changed. Otherwise, if all requirements are met, the degree will be conferred for the semester in which the student applied.

  7. Apply to Graduate Deadlines: These are the University's filing deadlines. Because of the large number of Arts and Sciences undergraduates, our students must apply at least one semester before the beginning of their expected graduation semester. Applying to graduate in the last few months prior to the University's deadline for a specific semester results in not receiving information about courses remaining until after the expected graduation semester begins.

An e-mail notification will be sent to all undergraduates to indicate the ideal time to apply to graduate for a specific semester. If you are not receiving your University of Memphis e-mail, you should contact the Helpdesk in Administration Building 100, 901-678-8888.