Degree Sheets

The College of Arts and Sciences has designed degree sheets to assist students and advisors in determining courses remaining for graduation. Each department is encouraged to create a degree sheet for their majors with General Education, degree requirements, and major information. Students may also use the appropriate degree sheet below based on their degree and catalog.

Each student is assigned to the catalog available upon admission, which is available for 7 years. Sometimes, programs or majors change and a newer catalog might be more advantageous for a specific student. Students should discuss the appropriate catalog with their advisors.

2018 Fall B.A. Degree Sheet
2018 Fall B.S. Degree Sheet
2017 Fall B.A. Degree Sheet
2017 Fall B.S. Degree Sheet
2016 Fall B.S. Degree Sheet
2016 Fall B.A. Degree Sheet
2015 Fall B.A. Degree Sheet
2015 Fall B.S. Degree Sheet
2014 Fall B.A. Degree Sheet
2014 Fall B.S. Degree Sheet
2013 Fall B.A. Degree Sheet
2013 Fall B.S. Degree Sheet
2012 Fall B.A. Degree Sheet
2012 Fall B.S. Degree Sheet