Herff College Ambassadors

Herff College Ambassadors are a group of high-achieving students who are the voice and face of the college in the community, at industry/alumni events, and more importantly, to prospective students. Often the first person a visiting family will interact with, an ambassador provides an all incompassing tour and personalized experience for each prospective family. Ambassadors also represent Herff College at various recruitment events across the state. 


Krista Dyer

 The Herff College of Engineering has been such a great experience and I am honored to represent the community and encourage prospective students to join this Engineering Family. 

Jared Hassman

 I wanted to become more involved on campus and was told that this would help start the process of getting more involved and help me meet more people. 

Mary Lindsey

 Being an Engineering Ambassador has given me a chance to connect with the next generation of engineers and to share my love of the Herff College of Engineering with them. I am grateful for this opportunity for allowing me to connect more with my fellow students and with faculty.  


Sarah Avington

I love being an Engineering Ambassador because I have a passion for helping people. As an Engineering Ambassador, I am able to explore and understand all other types of engineering and become more acquainted with the professors in other departments.  The University of Memphis Herff College of Engineering is full of opportunities, and I would like to help others realize how wonderful it is to be an engineer.


Joshua Brown

I am an engineering ambassador to be able to offer incoming engineers a glimpse of what their potential futures could hold and become with all the Herff College of Engineering has to offer.


Michael Dumas

I love the Herff College of Engineering, and I chose to be an ambassador because I want to encourage more people to fall in love with this place.


Ajay H.

I became an ambassador to get involved in the school and to help future students navigate.


Samantha Hall

I became an engineering ambassador to share my love for the college of engineering with prospective students. Herff College of Engineering has such a wide variety of opportunities and resources that students should be aware of. I enjoy sharing my personal experience with prospective students and connecting them with the available resources to help shape their time at Herff.


Chris McBride

I am an engineering ambassador to make the connection between prospective students and the Herff College of Engineering. It brings me joy to encourage and inspire the youth to pursue their dreams and aspirations. The Herff College offers experiences you cannot find anywhere else, and I strive to present future engineers with that opportunity here!


Jada Sandage

I became an engineering ambassador not only because I wanted to represent my school in a positive way, but also because I wanted to share my story with prospective students who are unsure about majoring in engineering. I understand how stressful the college admissions process can be from deciding on a school to picking a major. I would love to alleviate some of the stress by answering questions, giving a tour, or sharing what the college experience is like from a student's perspective. The Herff College of Engineering has provided me with many opportunities both inside and outside the classroom. My hope is to give prospective students the same comfortable, inviting feeling I felt when I first stepped on campus as well as share some of the insights I have learned over the years.


Samantha Schaefer

I wanted to be an Engineering Ambassador to help students have as good of an experience as I had.  I am excited to be a part of a group that shares an interest in representing the University of Memphis.



I love the engineering college and everything it has to offer. It is one of the biggest reasons I came to Memphis and want others to be able to experience what I am.


Eleanor Scott

I wanted to become an Engineering Ambassador to show prospective students how well they can succeed at the University of Memphis. The various internships, research, and community opportunities that fill Memphis are just a few reasons why anyone can fit in the Herff College of Engineering. Herff does not get the credit it deserves, and I hope to change that by revealing the assets that students would have if they came here. The Herff College of Engineering is an amazing place, and I want to tell the world about it.


Alexandra Snyder

I am an engineering ambassador because I wanted to get more involved on campus and in engineering specifically. Being an ambassador allows me to be more involved in the Herff College of Engineering.


Jordan Worth

Being an Engineering Ambassador has given me the opportunity to promote the Herff College of Engineering and inform others about the incredible learning experience that they can have during their time here.