The University of Memphis School of Law welcomes applications for admission to its 2023 entering class. The application opened September 12, 2022 and there is no application fee. The priority application deadline is March 15th. Apply here. 

A significant factor in the admission decision process is the admission index, which is based on the undergraduate grade point average and the LSAT score. The undergraduate grade point average used in the admission index is the cumulative grade point average found on the Credential Assembly Service (CAS) report produced by LSAC. Also considered are factors deemed to be predictive of success in law school as set forth in the application, personal statement, letters of recommendation, and the applicant's CAS report. Such factors may include, but are not limited to overall academic record, co-curricular activities, community involvement, employment, and other life experiences.

Applicants can access our application at LSAC (Law School Admission Council). Applicants will be sent an email indicating their applications have been received. Applicants will also receive instructions on how view the status of their applications. An email will be sent notifying applicants their files are complete.

It is the applicant's responsibility to take the necessary steps to ensure that all supporting documents required to complete the application are submitted on or before the March 15th priority deadline. Failure to complete the application by the deadline may reduce the applicant's chance for admission. Applicants are encouraged to begin the application process and submit all the required documents as early as possible. The latest test score that can be used in the review for fall admission is the June 2023 test, but seat availability is limited at that point in the cycle.

The application components are:

□  Application (Required)

The application may be accessed through LSAC. Be sure to complete all questions accurately. Include your name and LSAC account number on any addenda. The priority application deadline is March 15th.

□  Credential Assembly Service (CAS) (Required)

Applicants for the 2023 entering class must have an LSAT score that is current and taken between June 2018 and June 2023. LSAC will not release a CAS report until they receive an original transcript from every undergraduate institution you have attended, including summer sessions and study abroad programs. Please be aware that we require a writing sample be included in your CAS report. It is the applicant's responsibility to monitor the status of his/her LSAC account. Once your application is complete, the admissions office will send a completion status e-mail. Applicants can also monitor their Memphis application status on-line through LSAC.

□  Personal Statement (Required)

Each applicant is required to submit a personal statement. This statement provides you the opportunity to describe your background and any unique experiences, characteristics or circumstances you want the admissions committee to consider. You should explain your desire to study law, why you believe you will be a successful law student, and what you plan to do with your law degree. You are encouraged to explain your interest in attending our law school and may discuss any information not otherwise apparent from your application, including family members who are graduates of the University of Memphis School of Law. Limit your personal statement to no more than 1,000 words. NOTE: If you want to include relevant information explaining a low undergraduate grade point average or low LSAT score, we encourage you to submit an addendum separate from your personal statement.

□  Admonitory Action Explanation (Required if Applicable)

Applicants must answer questions in the Admonitory Action section of the application. If an applicant answers "yes" to any of the questions, he/she should provide an addendum detailing the date and location of the event and an explanation of what occurred. Applicants are encouraged to include related court documents.

□  Letters of Recommendation/Evaluations (optional)

Applicants are encouraged to submit up to three letters of recommendation addressing their potential for academic success. When possible, letters should come from professors if you are currently in college or have recently graduated. The letters should be sent to LSAC to be included with your CAS report. If a file is complete by March 15th, file review will not be delayed if letters have not been received. For more information visit the LSAC Letters of Recommendation webpage.

□ TIP Statement (Required for all TIP applicants)

Applicants interested in being considered for the Tennessee Institute for Pre-Law Program are required to submit a TIP statement. The statement should address how they have contributed to the overall diversity and/or how they might have been economically disadvantaged. The TIP Program is an alternative admission summer program for Tennessee and border county residents from diverse backgrounds who are not admitted through the regular admissions process, but who show potential for the study of law.

□  Financial Aid and Scholarships

Applicants are encouraged to complete the application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by March 15th. Memphis Law's code is 003509. Most entering scholarships are awarded based on the merits of the applicant's credentials. Some scholarships have special requirements. For those scholarships, please review the scholarship list for first-year students.  Do NOT use Tiger Scholarship Manager to apply for scholarships unless you are instructed to do so.

□  Decision Timeline (December – April)

Our online application is available through LSAC and applicants can check their application status on-line. Applicants will receive an email once the application is complete and ready for review. Once a decision is rendered, the online status will show the final decision. Final decisions are emailed to the applicants' primary email address provided on the application. Most decisions are made between December and April.  If admitted, a $250 non-refundable seat deposit is required. Deadlines for submitting the deposit, as well as instructions on how to pay the deposit are provided in the acceptance notification.